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Yami Gautam Dhar starrer ‘A Thursday’ set to premiere on Disney+Hotstar

by Ratan Srivastava
A Thursday

What happens when a jovial kindergarten teacher pulls out a pistol and kidnaps the kids? A picture-perfect day turns a nasty turn when the offender endangers the lives of innocent people. A Thursday will keep the audience glued to their screens until the very end, thanks to its tension and unusual scenarios. Following a spate of blockbuster smashes, Disney+ Hotstar is gearing up to enchant fans with A Thursday, a high-stakes hostage thriller filled with suspense. Behzad Khambata directed the film, which has an ensemble cast led by Yami Gautam Dhar, veteran performer Dimple Kapadia, Neha Dhupia, and Atul Kulkarni, among others.

When Naina Jaiswal (Yami Gautam Dhar), the teacher, unexpectedly holds her pupils captive, the drama opens with such a cheerful backdrop of a kindergarten among laughs as well as innocent enjoyment. Why has Naina gone to such lengths? What is her ultimate goal? There are a million questions to be answered in a short amount of time, and innocent lives are still on the line. A storey about the evil side of human nature, unexpected turns of events, and covert conspiracies. The Disney+ Hotstar movie, helmed by Behzad Khambata and produced by RSVP Movies and Blue Monkey Films, will indeed be released on February 17th, 2022, and also will be accessible on Hulu.

Inside the film, Yami Gautam Dhar will play a completely different character with a range of emotions. The film will take moviegoers on a maze of unexpected twists and turns as stunning details regarding the reason behind the hostage crisis are revealed, shedding light on many aspects of human nature. A Thursday’s complicated and enthralling plot will keep the audience guessing as to what will happen next.

Talking about the movie, director Behzad Khambata said, “A Thursday has truly been a unique experience. It explores a different subject and the narrative of the movie will hopefully keep people hooked – A hostage drama that not only dives into the mind of the perpetrator but also in the minds of the people who are resolving it and witnessing is, as the negotiator, the authorities and the people. The storyline shows characters battling with situations in distinct mannerisms. With superlative performances from Yami, Dimpleji, Atul sir, Neha, Karanvir, Maya and the entire team, it’s a complete entertainment package! Right from the casting to the script, a lot of thought has been invested while filming to provide a real world experience to viewers. Interspersed with sudden twists in the storyline, this film, I hope and pray, will be a memorable one”.

Actor Yami Gautam Dhar, who is playing the lead character of Naina Jaiswal, in the movie said, “I have never ever played such a distinct character like Naina! She projects so many diverse emotions. I have really put in a lot of effort to portray her in different shades. She is a teacher, who always looks after the children and she has taken them hostage, transforming her from a protector to a threat. That situation itself is so tense with multiple layers to it. A Thursday is an absolute roller coaster ride and I totally loved being a part of it!”

Actor Neha Dhupia, playing ACP Catherine Alvarez said, “When I first read the script, I immediately wanted to be a part of A Thursday. My role of a pregnant police officer is very unique as I am dealing with a hostage situation wherein children are involved and my character too will soon become a mother. I could relate to the character as I too have kids. The movie’s pace will keep viewers engaged to the last minute. The entire team has worked really hard and put together a thriller which will entertain one and all!”

Famed actor Dimple Kapadia shared, “It was wonderful to be a part of A Thursday. The suspense-led narrative of the script and finely etched characters makes this movie stand out in a distinct manner. My on-screen persona is in a bit of a conundrum with the hostage situation and how to resolve it. The movie’s storyline has ample moments of shock and awe which will definitely appeal to the viewers.”

Talented actor Atul Kulkarni shared, “I play the role of a police officer and the one who is trying to negotiate terms with Naina. People are going to be absolutely thrilled due to the suspense of the script and the sudden twists that shape the movie. The tussle between the authorities and the perpetrator is of another level as different facets come forward. The entire crew has done a fabulous job and we can’t wait for everyone to watch the film.”

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