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What are the top reasons to not watch Kabir Singh movie?

by Ratan Srivastava
Kabir Singh

Not that many days earlier the “me too” movement was prevalent. We speak regarding women empowerment, safety and protection of Children and women yet failing to display in media and film. A film like Kabir Singh, with tracks such as Munni Badnaam, Gandi Baat, and others, is the greatest example.

Here are five reasons why you should avoid watching Kabir Singh:

  1. The film’s plot focuses around a testosterone-fueled, macho man who has to choose between good and bad. With his drug and cigarette use, he is at an all-time high. As a result, this film is not suitable for youngsters or teens.
  1. The film is very violent and depicts the murder of numerous individuals with no repercussions, which really is distant from actuality.
  2. In every manner conceivable, the film shows a lack of regard for women. Women are assaulted, kissed against consent, and try to be raped at knifepoint in the film. It’s a pity that we live in a society where “when women are treated with the respect, God is present.”
  3. The narrative follows the main character with great pride, stress management difficulties, and an inability to say no to any of his inquiries. He is also depicted as a person that gets away with everything he does because he is the class topper.

None of us has the authority to inflict our will on anybody according to national law, yet the protagonist forces the leading lady to really be friends with a girl he selects and refuses to allow her to pick a different relationship.

The Kabir Singh film is really about male domination, and the filmmaker intends the viewer to applaud the uber-rich man’s destructive macho behaviours. The tale also urges the viewers to believe in Kabir Singh as well as forgiving him. Misogyny should not be tolerated, and that is why we are writing this. All actors are respected by us. If you believe it’s okay since it’s only a movie, you should reconsider.

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