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Jaan: All you need to about Bollywood action drama movie

by Ratan Srivastava

Jaan is indeed a Bollywood action drama film directed by Raj Kanwar as well as produced by Ashok Ghai that was released in 1996. Ajay Devgn, Twinkle Khanna, Amrish Puri, Shakti Kapoor, as well as Suresh Oberoi appear in the movie. It was released in theatres inside the United States on March 31, 1996, and also in India and other countries on May 17, 1996. Anand–Milind composed the movie’s soundtrack. That was commercially successful upon release, collecting $17.20 crore worldwide. At the box office, the picture was dubbed a “great smash.”

Anand-Milind wrote all of the music. Anand Bakshi wrote the lyrics. The album was one of the best-selling of the years.

Subhash Ghai was so taken with the tracks that he developed the promotions himself.

The plot of the movie

Suryadev Singh (Amrish Puri), a police commissioner, takes for his granddaughter Kajal (Twinkle Khanna) after his adversaries poisoned her parents. Suryadev’s cousin Vishambar (Suresh Oberoi) is plotting Suryadev’s demise, as well as that of his wife and brother-in-law Bhanwari (Shakti Kapoor), because Vishambar’s late father had given Suryadev his share of the property, including a village called Sundernagar, because Vishambar had married someone against his will.

Vishambar intends to assassinate Kajal in order to revenge himself, and that with Kajal dead, his son Nagendra would be able to inherit the land. For this, he recruits Karan (Ajay Devgn), a young guy in need of money to help his sick mother in the hospital. He earns Suryadev’s trust by rescuing Kajal in a phoney kidnapping scenario staged by Vishambar’s thugs. Suryadev then sends Kajal to his village to reside with some relatives for a bit, with Karan acting as her bodyguard.

Kajal has feelings for Karan, but he does not return her feelings. He attempts to murder her several times, but for some reason, he hesitates. Finally, he decides to tell Kajal everything, but she seems uninterested. She woos him till he falls in love with her. Between all of this, there’s Johnny Lever and his girlfriend, who put on a great show. When Vishambar learns that Karan has fallen for Kajal, he employs another assassin, Dilavar, to assassinate both of them. Karan saves Kajal and kills Dilavar when she is taken.

Suryadev comes into the hamlet after hearing of Kajal and Karan’s abduction and learns about Karan’s initial intention via a message placed in Karan’s chamber for Kajal to read before he falls in love with her, but which she never reads.

He discovers his granddaughter with Karan, but she refuses to let him hurt her, and the two elope once more. They’ve been arrested at long last. Karan is apprehended and tortured, but he refuses to divulge who hired him to kill Kajal for fear of endangering his mother.

Suryadev then arranges for Kajal to marry Rohit, a long-time friend’s son. Suryadev agrees on Kajal’s condition that Karan is released from jail, which Kajal accepts.

When Karan hears about Kajal’s wedding preparations, he becomes outraged and flees to save his mother. Bhanwari kidnaps Rohit, and Karan is ordered to assassinate Rohit in their hideout if he wants his mother back.

Karan saves Rohit and his mother from the gangsters by murdering them. Suryadev, on the other hand, believes Karan is responsible for the kidnapping and orders that he be shot on sight.

Karan appears with Rohit at the wedding scene, explains everything, as well as demands that Rohit marries Kajal. As Rohit is getting married to Kajal, Vishambar, who is there at the occasion, learns of what has happened to his home when he receives a phone call from a dying Bhanwari, becomes outraged and steals a machine gun and fires indiscriminately, but Karan battles Vishambar as well as kills him.

Suryadev promises Karan a swift release from jail as well as marriage to Kajal as the cops carry him away. That’s how the movie comes to a close.

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