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Hello: All you need to know about this Telugu movie

by Ratan Srivastava

Hello ! is indeed a romantic action movie directed by Vikram K Kumar as well as produced by Nagarjuna Akkineni underneath the Annapurna Studios brand in 2017. Akhil Akkineni and Kalyani Priyadarshan feature inside the flick. Anup Rubens created the soundtrack for the film. On the 22nd of December, 2017, it was released.

An orphaned street urchin titled Seenu (Mikhail Gandhi) does have a pal named Junnu (Myrah Dandekar). He develops a strong relationship with her. Junnu’s family, however, is forced to relocate to Delhi due to their father’s relocation. Junnu writes her phone number on such a hundred rupee note and offers this to Seenu the very day she departs, however, the note is stolen.

Seenu gets struck by a vehicle operated by Sarojini as well as her husband, Prakash, after pursuing the robber for the hundred rupee bill. Sarojini vowed to the Lord that if the kid lived, she will do something good for them, thus they adopted him following taking him towards the hospital.

Seenu (now Avinash) (Akhil Akkineni) and Junnu (now Priya) (Kalyani Priyadarshan) would both be living rich lives following fourteen years, yet they are unhappy without one another. On such a whim, he learns her location after hearing a song they wrote together as children while being on the phone with such a taxi driver.

The cab driver claims that perhaps the site is a music festival, but his phone gets stolen by a street criminal. So he goes out now to reclaim this in addition to making amends with Junnu.

Seenu/journey Avinash’s with Sarojini and Prakash as just a happy family is revealed in memories. Junnu/Priya is depressed in Delhi, wondering about Seenu, until she learns that her father is being moved to America. She considers meeting Seenu in Hyderabad as well as witnessing the marriage of the close friend while departing again for the United States. Avinash encounters Priya there at the airport when picking up his mother but he does not recognise her. Priya and Avinash later cross paths once more when Priya gives 100 rupees to impoverished street kids.

They meet during the wedding, but Priya, who reminds her of Seenu as a child, flees. Avinash pursues her and inadvertently breaks the bracelet that Seenu had given her as a present when they were children and which she treasured. Priya smacks Avinash after being devastated.

After Avinash recovers his phone first from the phone mafia, the tale returns to the present. Junnu is visiting the Hyderabad Music Festival, he discovers. He sees Priya during the festival, who is already furious about their argument at her friend’s sangeet/wedding. They reconcile, and Avinash presents her with a new bracelet and wishes her well in her fresh start.

In search of Junnu, he visits a music stand and begins playing the same melody they composed as children. Following the music, Junnu anxiously searches for him but is unable to locate him.

Avinash finds a hundred rupee note with Junnu’s phone number on it and phones it repeatedly, but Junnu/Priya cuts the call constantly since she is also trying to locate the tune player at the festival. She eventually takes up the phone and chats with him, then Avinash’s phone battery runs out. Junnu too is attending the music festival, he now knows.

He returns to the music stand where Junnu had previously performed and performs one last time.

Priya/Junnu rushes about seeking to locate the player after hearing the music. Avinash whispers, recognising Junnu, accompanied by a signal of her saying “ yes ”, but they both embrace others in love, shocked through seeing Junnu with such a frantic face.

Anup Rubens created the music. ADITYA Music Company published the music. On December 7, 2017, Vishakapatam hosted an audio function. Anup Rubens has completed his 50th movie.

On December 22, 2017, the movie was released globally. It was then translated into Hindi and aired on Star Gold on June 23, 2018, underneath the title Taqdeer. It was also translated in Tamil with much the same title and debuted on Star Vijay in 2019, as well as in Malayalam with much the same label.

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