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Don Chera: All you should know about this Tamil action heist movie

by Ratan Srivastava
Don Chera

K. S. Saravanan helmed Don Chera, a 2006 Indian Tamil language action heist flick. Ranjith and Sujibala star inside the movie, which also has Chandrasekhar, S. Rajasekar, Ilavarasu, Meera Krishnan, Velmurugan, as well as R. N. R. Manohar in supporting parts. The movie was released on June 2, 2006, with musical composition by Prince G. and also was produced by N. T. Sakthi Pandiyan. The movie was indeed a remake of Vaastav: The Reality, a Hindi movie (1999).

Cheran (Ranjith), an unemployed as well as carefree young guy, currently lives (Chandrasekhar and Meera Krishnan) and older brother Ravi (Ramesh Maali).  Cheran as well as his buddies start a roadside street food company in response to his father’s request for someone like him to find work. An argument with a client develops one day, as well as Cheran is forced to kill him in order to save his friend Kutty (Velmurugan). The client who was slain is revealed to become the brother of the unruly Ezhumalai (V. K. R. Ragu).

Cheran and Kutty are forced to flee the police, where they encounter Ezhumalai’s archenemy “Royapuram” Bava (R. N. R. Manohar), who pledges to protect them.

A meeting between Cheran and Ezhumalai is arranged by Kamal Bhai (S. Rajasekar), a religious guy who addresses underworld criminal issues.

Ezhumalai, who is enraged, tries to assassinate Cheran during the meeting, but Cheran gets a pistol and kills him. Bava then employs Cheran and Kutty as his henchman in “Royapuram.” Cheran begins to drink heavily, develops a drug addiction, as well as spends his evenings at a brothel until he encounters Geetha, a teenage prostitute (Sujibala). Cheran gradually rises through the ranks of “Royapuram” Bava. When “Royapuram” Bava is assassinated by his foes, an angry Cheran murders them all. Cheran rises to become Chennai’s most fearsome don, as well as his subordinates refer to him as Don Chera.

Meanwhile, Cheran and Geetha form a relationship with one another and marry with their parent’s approval.

Cheran then begins to work for Perumal (Ilavarasu), the home minister, which instructs him to murder innocent people. After that, Geetha gives birth to a son. Cheran’s family encourages him to quit the criminal underground and turn this into the authorities, however, he refuses. Perumal is quickly put under a lot of public and government pressure. They believe he is working for Cheran. He tells the cops to go for Cheran. In an altercation, his friend Kutty and his henchmen are slain.

Cheran, who had been on the run, must defend his family, who are really in danger as well. Cheran murders Perumal after Kamal Bhai arranges a meeting between them. Cheran kills Perumal because he will ruin other people’s lives in the future. During this time, the cops kill Kamal Bhai, and Cheran manages to flee the scene. Cheran finally returns and pleads with his family to help him. Cheran asks his mother to put him to sleep because he hasn’t been able to sleep soundly since he entered the criminal underground, and Dhanalakshmi shoots him dead.

On the beach in Chennai, the family performs Cheran’s yearly rituals, and Dhanalakshmi explains all that occurred to her baby grandson.

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