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Vellam: All you need to know about this Indian Malayalam movie

by Ratan Srivastava

Prajesh Sen wrote and directed Vellam, a 2021 Indian Malayalam-language biographical survival drama movie. Jayasurya and Samyuktha Menon star inside the major roles, along with Siddique, Sreelakshmi, Santhosh Keezhattoor, as well as Johny Antony rounding out the cast.

This movie is based on the story of Murali Kunnumpurath, a Kerala-born businessman who went from being a full-time drinker to being a successful businessman. On January 22, 2021, the movie was released. Bijibal created the soundtrack for the film.

Murali Nambiar is indeed an alcoholic who has become a liability to his family and society. His family life is strained, as well as his wife and parents watch helplessly as he deteriorates. He even steals money and belongings from his house and pals to buy booze, causing consternation among his buddies. He’s even been seen selling goods from his house. He frequently sleeps on sidewalks and storefronts after becoming intoxicated.

He was once suspected of taking a golden ring from an engagement party, but this was later shown to be false. Because of a misconception, he creates a disturbance at his friend’s burial. Despite his family and neighbours’ perceptions of him as an alcoholic, a few individuals still praise his calm attitude and diligent character.

He tells one of his buddies about his addiction, and he is sent to a de-addiction facility where Dr Subhramaniyam is the head doctor. Dr Subhramaniyam adopts Murali and offers to help him overcome his addiction. Murali, on the other hand, slacks off and continues to drink. Murali’s wife, who had previously left him due to his excessive drinking, is contacted by the doctor, who informs her that Murali needs support and compassion as part of his rehab.

He returns to his house after the therapy, where his pals continue to regard him as an alcoholic. When Murali returns home, he discovers that his parents have sold their property and moved on. When he realises that no one cares about him, he falls into a well to commit suicide. He is, however, rescued and transported to the hospital. When Dr Subhramaniyam learns about this, he persuades Murali’s family that he is in need of love and support.

Murali then gradually develops into a successful entrepreneur, launching a line of “Waterman” tiles and sometimes even exporting them. Murali brings another drinker to Dr Subhramaniyam for treatment, sure that he, too, can change his ways as he has. The film is partially based on the life and experiences of Murali Kunnumpurath, a prominent businessman in Kerala who overcame alcoholism.

Following Captain, Jayasurya revealed in February 2019 that both he and Prajesh Sen will collaborate again (2018). When announcing the title of the film, Jayasurya stated that the role in Vellam is the hardest he has ever played in his career. Friendly Productions was in charge of Vellam’s production. The tagline for the title is “The Essential Drink.” The film’s production began in November of this year.

Bijibal created all of the music tracks, and B.K Harinarayanan and Nidheesh Nadery wrote the words.

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