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What Kpop Dances cause the most weight loss?

by Ratan Srivastava

Most all know that exercise has several health advantages, including enhancing our health and looks, but Kpop most of us would rather delay since getting up early for just a run sounds overwhelming.

But who thinks going to the gym or going for a run is really the only way to exercise? It may lead to a variety of activities, including swimming and even dance! These 10 K-pop dances are your ticket to getting your ideal physique if you’re a K-pop enthusiast who hates working out.

Start playing the video playlist underneath to begin your exercise by listening to all ten songs. If not, keep reading for a list of 10 simple K-pop dances to get you started.

“As if it’s your last” by BLACKPINK is a peppy and light-hearted song with several lower-body routines that primarily target the waist as well as thighs. The choreography for this track is pretty easy, with a decent combination of arm and lower body motions, as well as light steps, to give the dance a better flow.

Get your whole legs moving with Itzy’s ICY and you’ll notice that you’re not only getting in shape but then also dancing like a pro! ICY is a fun, high-energy song with plenty of memorable parts for easy memorization.

It’s a total-body exercise that works all of your muscle groups; you’ll train your thighs, abs, and arms! While there isn’t much bouncing in this song, the chorus is rather catchy.

Look no further if you want to strengthen your lower abdominal muscles. The great song by Momoland, BAAM, is just what the doctor ordered! It’s another upbeat, high-energy tune that will have you dancing all night. With the chorus’s leg shuffle as well as hip lifts, the choreography trains not just to your core muscles, but then also to your thighs and thighs.

While there aren’t many moves to memorise, it’s important to stretch before dancing because your lower back may hurt!

Everglow’s Dun Dun will be here to give you a challenge whether you’re seeking something to warm you up more. The music is bold, with a catchy chorus and dance, so it works the entire body, similar to an aerobic workout.

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