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I want to be a Korean Idol and model What should I do

by Ratan Srivastava

Being forced to live, learn, and perform alongside other trainees from an early age makes a trainee’s life difficult. In order to come up with 10 pieces of advice for aspiring Korean idol. Spoke to several K-pop industry insiders, including producers, former idols, and staff members. This will be the most comprehensive explanation of how to become a Kpop celebrity available online. Recall that 2 out of 3 requirements must be met in order to become a K-pop celebrity. Be a skilled dancer, a decent rapper or vocalist, and beautiful. A minimum of two of the three must be present.

Many Kpop auditions accept applicants as young as 12 years old. Therefore, it’s advised to develop your voice and dance for a full two years before auditioning. That implies you should begin training as soon as you are ten years old. If you’re less than 14, you must go to your auditions with a legal guardian. The typical age of applicants is 18 years old (from 12-25 years old). Nevertheless, you have to begin exercising around 16 at the latest.

When applying to K-pop entertainment businesses, it will be a tremendous advantage if you are male and can hit Alto or even Soprano. The better, the higher ranges you can strike. Your voice is a muscle that has to be exercised if you want to improve it. As an illustration, Jin from BTS was a mediocre singer who aspired to be an actor. To bring his voice to where it is now, he worked really hard at the gym. So keep in mind that hard practice CAN increase singing skills. As a result, you must stop smoking if you currently do so. Smoking damages your voice and is often prohibited for trainees.

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