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How to start liking another Kpop group?

by Ratan Srivastava

Part 1: Become acquainted with its music Typically, I begin by listening towards the groups’ Kpop music—though I’d presume that if you’re intent on standing a certain group, you’ve already done so.)

It’s best to start with its title song MVs and work your way through their b-sides as well as MVs. It’s extremely pleasant to watch MVs in chronological sequence since you get to see the group develop:D

Part 2: Getting to Know Your Names!!

After you’ve been acquainted with their music, you’ll want to discover the members’ identities and possibly need to know people a little better. You may either choose a bias or become an OT_ stan by going the “simp-for-all” way.

You may accomplish this by viewing guide videos—most groups have these, and they can provide you a lot of information about the members of the group, including inside jokes as well as other entertaining stuff. However, I believe that watching entertainment shows (like Weekly Idol) is more beneficial to me. Most groups have their own shows, such as SKZ-for Talker’s Stray Kids or MMMTV for Mamamoo. Isn’t it like the ‘vlogger’ shows? These are especially useful for getting to know the members, and they’re usually short and sweet.

Vlive and Content (Part 3)

So, vlive, *clears throat*. Therefore, you may think of vlive as Korea’s YouTube. Several pop groups have such a live channel, as well as stars frequently utilise it to go live and interact with fans. A number of compilation videos will most likely include clips here.

Do keep in mind that Vlive is a LOT to get through, and many of my kpop buddies haven’t heard of it or don’t actually watch it, and it’s really up to you.

(It just so happens that almost all of the organizations I follow are on vlive virtually every day, so having several devices is a lifesaver if you’re trying to get on that multi-life.)

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