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Will Netflix continue the sci-fi series that has been cancelled?

by Ratan Srivastava

The television season 2020-21 already is complete, as well as the season 2021-22 has already begun. The following is a list of science fiction and fantasy shows that were either cancelled or finished inside the 2020-21 season. This contains several episodes from the previous season for which the networks took a long time to make a choice. Some programmes are all still awaiting news on their futures, which you can learn more about it at this site. Also, for status updates as well as breaking news, keep an eye on this site as well as the Cancelled sci-fi Twitter Page during the current season.

Amazing Stories (Apple TV+, Ended): Given that Apple TV+ normally renews its series early, the fact that there has been no word here on the status of Amazing Stories a year after it premiered implies that this is no longer here on the air. There might be licencing concerns here, as well as given the lukewarm response to the first season, the streamer may not have been interested in buying further episodes.

American Gods (Starz, Cancelled): After a significant dip in ratings from its first to second seasons, this show’s figures plummeted even more in its third season, resulting in its demise. However, there is still a potential that now the show’s stories may be wrapped up in a final film.

Away (Netflix, Cancelled): This was an unexpected cancellation there at time it was announced (though we’ve grown to anticipate it from Netflix since then), and no justification has been offered as to why it was cancelled only after one season. That’s a high-profile programme that drew a large audience early on in its tenure. It’s also highly expensive to create, and that it’s possible that continuing the programme under the present COVID production constraints would have posed a financial challenge. There’s really no indication yet on whether or not this one would be shopped around to other venues.

Black Lightning (CW, Final Season): Once a show has made it through its second season, the CW normally permits it to run for at least 70 episodes, however the final season announcement for this though fell short of that. The network might be gearing up for just some major changes inside the Arrowverse, which I’ll address in more detail inside a future piece.

Castlevania (Netflix, Final Season): Netflix’s original series usually conclude in their third or fourth season, and so this show’s fourth season has been confirmed as its final. However, a spin-off series situated in the very same universe may be developed.

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