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Who is the king of k-pop?

by Palak Goyal

The winner of King of K-Pop 2021 will be determined by open voting from a fan all around the globe. To choose the King, numerous websites organize online voting. Inside the article below, learn more about the King of K – pop music 2021.
The title of King of Kpop is given to one of the most well-known and skilled male Kpop performers. Many websites and enterprises organize online polls to allow supporters to choose who their monarch is. Jimin, a member of BTS, has earned the title in the All K-POP vote for the past two years. He was crowned ‘King of K-pop’ after receiving a huge record of 12,568,794 votes. And now everyone is waiting to see who will win this year’s crown.

K-pop is highly lucrative and famous around the world, with millions of fans. There are a plethora of extremely talented stars throughout the profession. K-pop is distinct although its stars all seem to be all-rounder performers who can sing, dance, and rap. Each one of them puts in endless hours of effort to stay in shape and improve their abilities. As a result, picking one as the best is quite difficult.
Many contestants have already been chosen for the contest based on their popularity. Based on votes, the final results will be published. To determine whether or not the fan base is equally engaged. The race will most likely be won by the one with the most fans. However, the global audience as well as other global voter engagement can alter the result at any time. So, without further ado, let us review the candidates who are eligible to win the competition this time.

The very first viable contender for the tournament is Jimin from BTS and is at the very top of the list. Jimin is the lead singer of the boy band BTS, as well as he exudes an aura that commands attention.


G-Dragon of BIGBANG is next on our list. BIGBANG is another band that receives a lot of media attention. The leader, as well as the group’s main rapper and vocalist, are usually the focus of the group’s attraction. G-Dragon is a huge star in both South Korea and the rest of the world. BTS’ Jungkook is just another strong contender in the competition.

Taehyung from BTS, RM from BTS, Jin from BTS, J-Hope from BTS, and SUGA from BTS are some of the members of the group. Taemin from SHINEE, Cha Eun Woo from ASTRO, Jae from DAY 6, Sehun from EXO, Chanyeol from EXO, and Yunho from TVXQ are a few other famous candidates. All of these k-pop stars are presently vying for the title of ultimate king of k-pop. According to the odds, Jimin from BTS seems to have the potential to win the race again this time. He’s consistently winning the championship for a long time, and this could be his third triumph in a row.

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