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Director Neeraj Singh making films on prostitution and religion.

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Neeraj Singh

Mumbai, Where it is the dream of every parent to make their children a doctor or a good officer by giving them a good education, there is also a society where their daughters are pushed into a business like prostitution by the family. And that society is barren and fetters. Two films were announced in Mumbai by film directors Neeraj Singh and Shraddha Srivastava, both films are based on very sensitive issues, one film depicts the oppression of women in the name of tradition in the Banchhada community, while the other film is the story of religious conflict.

Director Neeraj Singh making films on prostitution and religion

Regarding the issue of conversion taking place in Film director duo Neeraj Singh and Shraddha Srivastava, who is in a discussion about their films, have already made Bikroo Kanpur Gangster together, while now together with filmmaker Dharmendra Singh, they are making a film on these two sensitive subjects. Talking about the story of the film, the story has been written about the background of Uttar Pradesh and Neeraj Singh, Shraddha Srivastava and Amit Chaturvedi have written it after doing a lot of research.

The shooting of the film Banchhra will be held in Lucknow from March 28, while after finishing the shoot of Banchhra, the team will go out to shoot Dharma Dvd.

The film is being produced by JD Film Production House Pvt Ltd and Waft Studios. The co-producers are Kunal Srivastava and Amrik Singh Mann, while the film’s creative directors are Sanjeev Trigunayat, executive producer Avi Prakash Sharma, associate producer Rajkamal Singh Tarkar, cinematographers Rajkamal Gupta and Rajkiran Gupta.

Director Neeraj Singh with the team of Banchhada – Journey of a Prostitute movie

Both films of film director Neeraj Singh are based on sensitive issues.
In the Banchhada community, there is a celebration of the birth of a girl child, while no special interest is shown in the birth of a boy. Where every community has its own special ancestral work, the girls of the Banchhada community are still forced to do prostitution. Film writer and director Neeraj Singh and Shraddha Srivastava are writing and directing a film named Banchhada- a journey of a prostitute about this business of prostitution, which is running in the name of false practice in the Banchhada society. Neeraj Singh told that he is working on two films together. Film director Neeraj Singh said that the story of both his films is based on sensitive subjects, one exposes the prostitution taking place in the name of tradition, while the other film, whose name is Conversion, shows the religious conversion taking place in the world. The film shows how religious conversions are taking place globally. There are many states in India itself where people of different communities incite to convert to another community saying that they are not safe in their religion.

Director Neeraj Singh

Film director Neeraj Singh said that he has co-written the story of the film with his co-writer and director Shraddha Srivastava, while the film is being produced by Neeraj Singh and Dharmendra Singh himself, with Rajkamal Singh Tarkar co-producer of Banchhada. Neeraj Singh is known for making films on sensitive subjects, before this, he directed Bikru Kanpur Gangster which was based on the life of gangster Vikas Dubey. He had to face many threats for the film Vikas Dubey. Nimai Bali, Mithilesh Chaturvedi and Javed Haider are in the lead roles in the film Banchhada, while the casting for the conversion is still going on. Banchhada – Journey of a Prostitute is being produced by JD Films Production House Pvt Ltd and Waft Studios, whereas the Dharmantran itself will be produced by Neeraj Singh’s home production house Waft Studios.

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