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Yaadein: All you must know about this Bollywood’s musical drama movie

by Ratan Srivastava

Subhash Ghai wrote, helmed, edited, as well as produced Yaadein, a 2001 Indian Bollywood musical drama movie. On July 27, 2001, the ensemble cast cross-over movie featuring Jackie Shroff, Hrithik Roshan, as well as Kareena Kapoor was released internationally to mixed reviews. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen was the source of inspiration. Yaadein had been a box office disaster for filmmaker Subhash Ghai, and it was his debut. At the 47th Filmfare Awards, Jackie Shroff was nominated for Best Performance in a Supporting Role, Male. Notwithstanding its failure at the box office, the movie was profitable thanks to ancillary earnings of 21 crores, which included 8.2 crores of the sale of music licensing to Tips.

The principal photography did take place in places including such Cliveden House, which also served as Ronit’s family manor house, this same Apex Restaurant and Bar, Radisson Hampshire, Leicester Square, Ascot, the King’s Arms Pub, the Thames Embankment, Thorpe Park, the Tower Bridge, the Windsor Great Park, the Windsor and Eton Central railway station, the Windsor Castle, the Piccadilly Circus, the Queensmere Shopping Centre, Slough, in the United Kingdom, as well as the Eagle Square, Langka.

J.K. Malhotra’s younger brother, Lalit Malhotra (Anang Desai), is close friends with Raj Singh Puri (Jackie Shroff). The Malhotras are rich London business tycoons. The business lives of Lalit and his wife Nalini (Supriya Karnik) have left little time for their son Ronit (Hrithik Roshan), who rejects his family’s greed and grew to view his “uncle” Raj and late “aunt” Shalini as surrogate parents as a youngster. Shalini (Rati Agnihotri), Raj’s wife, perished in an accident a few years ago, leaving Raj to raise their three children alone. Having grown up with Raj and his daughters, Ronit has kept strong connections with them.

Avantika, Raj’s eldest daughter, is content with her arranged marriage to Pankaj, Ronit’s college buddy; Saania, Raj’s second daughter, marries her lover Sukant against Raj’s advise and despite significant disparities in family beliefs and upbringing. Isha (Kareena Kapoor), the youngest and most determined of the group, declares that she is not a believer in love. Saania comes home pleading for a divorce after a few weeks of living with her in-laws and enduring their insults and abuse, but finally reconciles with Sukant. Meanwhile, Isha and Ronit are in Malaysia for a sporting tournament, where their friendship turns into love.

Ronit’s parents are covertly preparing for him to marry Monishka Rai (Kiran Rathod), the contemporary, spoilt daughter of another business magnate, in order to form a commercial merger between the two affluent families back in London. The Malhotras enlist Raj’s aid to organise the marriage proposal because he has been a long-time friend of the Rai family. Raj accepts, having been duped by the Malhotras into believing Ronit would be content with the marriage.

When Isha begs for his permission to marry Ronit, Raj is taken aback, his allegiances to the Malhotra and Rai families making him feel terrible. He is overwhelmed with emotion and injures himself in such an accident, which upsets Isha. Despite his sympathies for Isha’s sentiments, Raj informs her of Ronit’s impending engagement and says that she would never be accepted as a daughter-in-law in the Malhotra family because of their fixation with money. Isha subsequently quits her connection with Ronit and claims to simply love her as a friend, despite the fact that this greatly pains her. Raj and his parents put pressure on Ronit, who is hurt and resentful, to marry Monishka. Ronit reluctantly accepts the engagement, only to learn that Monishka’s and her parents’ lives are diametrically opposed to the Malhotras’ own traditional Indian beliefs.

Raj asks the Malhotras to rethink the engagement after demonstrating this to him. J.K. Malhotra openly insults Raj and accuses him of exploiting Isha to gain access to their rich family as a result of this. Raj’s connection with the Malhotras is shattered, and he terminates it.

Ronit lashes out over his parents for their lifetime disregard of his sentiments on the eve of the engagement party, during which the Malhotras and Rais intend to announce their corporate merger. The Malhotras are shocked when he and Isha reconcile and seem to elope. Ronit’s predicament is first seen by Nalini, who apologises to Raj and persuades Ronit and Isha to return home.

With the help of Nalini and Monishka, Ronit delivers a speech at the engagement party that exposes the families’ selfish sacrifice of their children’s happiness for money, shocking the guests and forcing the Rai family to call off the corporate merger. J.K. begs Raj as well as Isha’s forgiveness, and the Malhotras offer Ronit and Isha their blessing.

The movie concludes with a flashback to several years later, seeing an elderly Raj with Avantika’s little kid, indicating that Raj’s three daughters are still close and happily married.

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