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Sui Dhaaga: Made in India- All you need to know about this movie

by Ratan Srivastava
sui dhaaga

Sui Dhaaga: Made in India is indeed a drama film directed by Sharat Katariya and produced by Aditya Chopra as well as Maneesh Sharma that was released in India in 2018. Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma feature inside the movie, which is edited by Charu Shree Roy and portrays them as husband and wife in small-town India that start their own small-scale clothing company. Chanderi, Bhopal, Delhi, and Ghaziabad were used as filming locations. The movie was released in India on September 28, 2018, and it garnered great reviews from critics and became a box office triumph.

There at 64th Filmfare Awards, it got six nominations, notably Best Actress (Critics) for Sharma as well as Best Supporting Actress for Yamini Dass, who portrayed Dhawan’s mother.

The movie was selected as an official entry inside the competitive category of a Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF), that opened on June 15, 2019.

Mauji Sharma grew up in a small village alongside his parents as well as his wife Mamta. Inside the neighbourhood handicraft business, his late grandpa worked as a tailor. Mauji’s family had been on the edge of ruin when the trade stopped down. His father, Parasram, is currently employed by the government and therefore is ready for retirement.

Mauji works as an errand boy at a sewing machine shop, where he is regularly mocked and degraded for his boss’s enjoyment. He quietly laments the fact that his interactions with Mamta are severely constrained due to a lack of space and her constant juggling of home responsibilities. Despite this, he is a cheerful and optimistic individual. He’s also a talented tailor who uses a sewing machine borrowed from his neighbour and buddy Yogesh to undertake modest mending work.

Mamta observes her husband’s treatment at work while attending the wedding of one of Mauji’s coworkers, which causes her to become extremely distressed. She implores him to resurrect the family business, arguing that self-respect is more essential than money. Mauji dismisses the proposal, knowing the dangers it entails. Nonetheless, her comments have an effect on him, and he ends up quitting, much to Parasram’s displeasure.

When Mauji’s mother has a heart attack, the family is plunged into chaos since they can no longer afford therapy because Parasram has retired. Mauji’s younger brother Jugnu, who lives in the same neighbourhood with his wife and children, notifies him about a clerical job in Meerut. Mauji turns it down and, with the help of his wife, opens a roadside tailoring business in the town market area. Mamta embroiders a hospital garment he knits for his mother. Other patients notice the outfit and demand one as well, causing the two to create a new moneymaking plan. Yogesh returns his sewing machine, envious of Mauji’s success. The couple travels across state lines in order to get a sewing machine that the government distributes to the poor.

The authorities become aware of Mauji’s actions at the hospital. Guddu, Jugnu’s brother-in-law and a pleasant member of the staff, begs Jugnu and Mamta to make medical gowns under the name of the clothing firm where he works.

He also offers both of them factory employment. The two accept the job after considerable thought, knowing that they are in desperate need of the money. Harleen Bedi, the company’s owner, is a clever lady who exploits their gullibility, forcing them to sell up the rights to their clothes and embroidery creations. Mauji is increasingly enraged at having been tricked and engages in a brawl with Guddu. Mamta silently follows him out of the factory after he is pummelling and thrown out.

Embarrassed, the pair decides to enter the annual Raymond Fashion Fund competition for emerging designers, which Harleen is also entering.

Sui Dhaaga: Made in India is the name of their firm. Following the jury’s selection of their first designs, they seek all of the neighbourhood’s previous craftsmen for assistance and participation in the final fashion show. Parasram eventually joins in the fun and gives a helping hand. On the day of the fashion show, their garments are applauded by everybody for their uniqueness. Shortly before the results were published, two of the judges admitted that, while any other designer in their place would have easily won, their lack of expertise was a disadvantage. The squad makes its way back to take the bus home, dejected.

However, the judges reconsider their judgement and award the victory to Team Sui Dhaaga. Everyone is summoned back to the ramp, and Mauji and Mamta are overjoyed that their wishes have finally come true.

As the film ends, it is revealed that the family has overcome their financial difficulties, that Sui Dhaaga’s designs are being sold all over the world, and that Mauji and Mamta have started a sewing school to help others like them become self-sufficient.

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