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Chori Chori Chupke Chupke: All you need to know about this movie

by Ratan Srivastava
Chori Chori Chupke Chupke

Chori Chori Chupke Chupke is indeed a 2001 Bollywood Hindi-language love drama film directed by Abbas–Mustan, alongside Javed Siddiqui writing the script and Neeraj Vora writing the narrative. The movie’s soundtrack is created by Anu Malik, while the lyrics are written by Sameer, and so it stars Salman Khan, Rani Mukerji, as well as Preity Zinta. This movie, which tells the storey of a married couple who hire a young prostitute as a surrogate mother, sparked controversy when it was released because it addressed the taboo topic of surrogate births in India.

 Chori Chori Chupke  Chupke was scheduled to debut in December 2000, but it was postponed for many months after producer Nazim Rizvi, as well as financier Bharat Shah, was arrested, as well as the Central Bureau of Investigation seized the movie’s prints on suspicion of being sponsored by Mumbai underworld figure Chhota Shakeel. The movie was released to a broad audience in March 2001 and became commercially successful, has become one of India’s highest-grossing movies of 2001. Zinta’s acting as a prostitute-turned-surrogate mother received critical acclaim.

Zinta won the movie’s lone nomination for Best Supporting Actress at the 47th Filmfare Awards. In Indian popular culture, the movie is frequently connected with surrogacy.

Raj and Priya, both from well-to-do Indian families, encounter as well as fall in love at a wedding. Priya falls pregnant soon afterwards they married. Priya miscarries early in the pregnancy and then becomes infertile for the rest of her life. They decide to hunt for a surrogate mother to have Raj’s kid as well as hide Priya’s infertility from his orthodox family, based on the advice of Dr. Balraj Chopra.

Because artificial insemination might be exposed in the Indian media due to the family’s reputation and social status, Raj as well as the surrogate mother agree that pregnancy should indeed be obtained through sexual encounters between Raj and the surrogate mother. In return for money, Raj encounters Madhubala “Madhu,” a prostitute who offers to bear Raj’s baby. Madhu meets Priya, who is ignorant of Madhu’s past, as well as the three sail for Switzerland to carry out their plan covertly after a little much-needed behavioural training as well as a makeover.

Madhu becomes pregnant with Raj’s kid soon after, and he joyfully informs his family that Priya is expecting. However, Raj’s business colleague Ajay Sharma began to sexually harass Madhu, prompting her to flee Switzerland, assuming Raj had informed his buddy that she was a prostitute. Priya learns about Madhu’s history eventually, but she still feels Madhu should carry their child and urges her to remain. Raj’s buddy attacks Madhu when she is alone at home, but Raj comes just in time to save her. Madhu is overcome by Raj’s kindness and falls in love with him.

Raj’s family appears out of nowhere in Switzerland. While Priya searches for pregnancy-simulating pillows, the family is introduced to Madhu, a significantly pregnant woman who is living with them while her husband is away on business. Raj’s grandpa Kailashnath and father Ranjit organise a religious baby shower called a Godbharaai. They invite Raj, Priya, and Madhu to accompany them to India, where the rite must be performed according to custom.

Because the event is so essential, Priya sends Madhu into her own persona. Madhu is hesitant about giving up her kid since she is emotional. As a panicked Priya discovers Madhu’s room vacant and the money put on the bed, she chases her down to the train station as well as smacks her when she proclaims her love for Raj. Madhu had already gone into preterm labour even by the time Raj arrives. The doctor tells Priya that she can save either Madhu or the kid, and she asks him to save Madhu. Both the mother and the baby, however, survive. Priya promptly relaxes it into a hospital bed with “her” baby when Madhu hands it over to her. Dr Balraj Chopra fraudulently informs Raj’s family that Madhu’s kid was stillborn when Priya was giving delivery.

Madhu assures Raj that she would not return to prostitution when she is ready to go. He knows she loves him as well as kisses her forehead as he drives her to the airport. Madhu smiles as she walks away.

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