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Bhoot Police: All you need to know about this horror-comedy movie

by Ratan Srivastava
Bhoot Police

Bhoot Police is indeed a horror comedy film directed by Pavan Kirpalani and produced by Ramesh Taurani and Akshai Puri that was released in India in 2021. Saif Ali Khan, Arjun Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez, Yami Gautam Dhar, and Javed Jaffrey feature inside the movie Bhoot Police, which debuted on Disney+ Hotstar on September 10, 2021.

Vibhooti and Chiraunji, two brothers who own an exorcism company and travel all over the nation together, are known as Ullat Baba and his sons, despite knowing nothing about supernatural creatures or exorcism and surviving only on people’s beliefs. The Bhoot Police film opens with them coming in a Rajasthani hamlet to execute an exorcism on a little girl who had been possessed by her late grandfather.

Vibhooti, on the other hand, quickly understands that now the girl was faking the possession, that she admits to. Her parents, it turned out, were pressuring her to marry despite her desire to finish her education. The brothers agree to aid her, and despite Chiraunji’s opposition to his brother’s criminal methods, the two-stage an exorcism. Later, in pursuit of additional instances, the brothers visit a Tantric bazaar. Chiraunji leaves the camp with their father’s book to concentrate on understanding it while Vibhooti is occupied with one of the clients. The script utilised in the book, however, is an archaic language that no one can read.

Chiraunji, defeated and exhausted, requests his father to show him a sign and assist him, which he does quietly by rolling the book down the hill and stopping at the feet of a girl. While taking it from her, Chiraunji unintentionally discovers the secret to deciphering the old book and rushes to warn his brother. Vibhooti is initially uninterested, and the two have a humorous dispute until Vibhooti notices a Police Inspector named Chedilal on the lookout for them. Vibhooti instructs Chiraunji to pack everything and go for the vehicle while he buys them time to flee. Chiraunji comes into the same girl with another Baba (goggle Baba) who is posing as Ullat Baba beside the vehicle.

He tells the girl the truth about them being the actual Ullat Baba and sons and battles off Google Baba’s soldiers, enraged by the fraudster. Vibhooti comes shortly after, and the three of them go for Dharamshala.

Maya tells them how their father, the fabled Ullat Baba, assisted her father 27 years ago by frightening away a paranormal creature known as Kichkandi from their Dharamshala tea plantation. The same Kichkandi has returned, and the industrial workers are afraid to work after dark.

When the van arrives at the village, everyone save Maya’s sister Kanika greets them with open arms.

While Chiraunji interviews the villagers, each of whom claims to have been plagued by the Kichkandi, Vibhooti entertains Teetli, a little girl. Maya notices a photo of Ullat Baba and recognises one survivor, a man called Santo.

Santo, who lives in a temple, is visited by the brothers. Santo recalls his wife being possessed by the Kichkandi 27 years ago, killing two people and permanently blinding him. Ullat Baba arrived and performed an exorcism in the jungle, encasing the Kichkandi’s spirit in a bone in a jar and locking it in a charred tree. Santo’s wife, on the other hand, died.

The brothers venture into the woods and discover the identical jar. Vibhooti, a sceptic of the supernatural, opens the jar and throws the bone into the woods.

Maya’s Bedroom is visited by a dog carrying a bone in its jaws. Maya is taken over by a demon.

Still doubtful, Vibhooti discovers that the manager pretended to be the first ghost in order to scare the tea peasants away so Kanika could persuade her sister to sell their land. In return for money, Vibhooti promises to execute a phoney exorcism.

Vibhooti spikes Chiaruanji’s drink without his knowledge during the bogus exorcism to create a dramatic scene for the locals to believe in. When Chiraunji finds out, the two brothers have a fight and decide to go their own ways.

Vibhooti runs across Titli again, and though fleeing Chedi, he understands that Titli is a ghost, and he begins to believe in ghosts himself. Kichkandi, who now has control of Maya, assaults Chiraunji, and Chiraunji transfers the spirit from Maya’s body to Vibhooti’s body when he meant to transfer it to himself.

Chiraunji realises that Kichkandi is Titli’s mother and that they were both slain by the British owners of the land: Kichkandi was burned alive, and Titli was shot while waiting for her mother, thanks to his father’s information. Kichkandi is on the lookout for her missing daughter. Title and Kichkandi have reunited thanks to the brotherly duo, and the spirits vanish into the sky.

Maya and Kanika both discover their feelings for Chiraunji as well as Vibhooti. The song “Aayi Aayi Bhoot Police” plays as the screen fades into darkness.

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