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Badal: All you should know about this Bollywood’s action movie

by Ratan Srivastava

Badal is indeed a Bollywood action movie directed by Raj Kanwar that was released in 2000. Bobby Deol as well as Rani Mukerji play key roles in the movie. The Devil’s Own, featuring Harrison Ford as well as Brad Pitt, served as inspiration for the film. It turned out to be commercially successful.

Badal (Bobby Deol) is indeed a young man who has had a horrible upbringing. His whole family, including his loving father, mother, and infant sister, had been slaughtered in a rural massacre by vicious and corrupt police officer Jaisingh Rana (Ashutosh Rana), who kills people for fun. He is thereafter raised by Jeetram (Ashish Vidyarthi), a friend of his late father’s who is also on the run from Rana. Years later, Badal has evolved into a feared terrorist working for Jeetram as Rajveer, with the sole purpose of seeking vengeance on Jaisingh Rana for his family’s tragic demise. Badal travels to a small town for this purpose, wherein he meets ACP Ranjeet Singh, a good-natured police officer that takes Badal under his wing, and Rani, a vivacious free-spirited girl who falls madly in love with him. Badal begins to be seen as a son by Ranjeet Singh as well as his wife Simran, as well as his daughters, who begin to look up to him as an older brother by his children.

Badal is given a new lease on life by Singh’s family and Rani, and he learns the importance of feelings, love, and relationships, most of which he has lost out on in his life.

However, Rana has been promoted to DIG, however, his nasty tactics haven’t changed. He kidnaps Jeetram as well as tortures him in order to learn the location of his accomplices. Badal frees Jeetram and is hunted by Ranjeet Singh’s police unit. Jeetram, on the other hand, commits suicide to keep Badal’s identity hidden, much to the latter’s surprise and anguish.

Badal’s music was created and produced by Anu Malik, whereas the lyrics were written by Sameer. Six original songs, a medley, and one instrumental song are included in the movie, which includes popular songs such as “Yaar Mere Yaaram” and others. “The tunes of Badal might not be all that awful, but the one expects far better from the guy who gave us classic melodies in Border, Kareeb, Baazigar, and Main Khiladi Tu Anari,” says Mohammad Ali Ikram of Planet Bollywood, who gives the movie’s music a 5/10.

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