Bollywood Society » As she prepares for her new project, ‘Minimum,’ Saba Azad expresses her excitement

As she prepares for her new project, ‘Minimum,’ Saba Azad expresses her excitement

by Ratan Srivastava

Saba Azad, who wowed audiences with her performance in ‘Rocket Boys,’ is excited to begin work on her next project, ‘Minimum.’ Rumana Molla, a writer-actor, will direct the French-language film, which will begin filming in June.

Saba Azad played Pipsi, a liberal Parsi woman and a lawyer, in her previous film, ‘Rocket Boys.’ The musical is set in the 1940s and has received positive reviews from reviewers and audiences alike.

Her winning run continued after she was cast in the previously announced picture “Minimum,” which was released shortly after “Rocket Boys.”

Saba expressed her excitement over the previous three months by saying: “The last few months have been electric for me as an actor – rocket boys was received beautifully by audiences and critics alike, the whole ride from being cast as Pipsy to the show coming out has been pretty overwhelming really, it’s the kinda project any actor would kill to be a part of. I signed ‘Minimum’ soon after rocket was released and it’s been prep time ever since because I’m acting in a language that isn’t my own it’s like being in a workshop every day with a very steep learning curve which is so exciting for me as an actor.”

Namit Das, Geetanjali Kulkarni, and Saba will star in the immigration drama ‘Minimum,’ which was just revealed by Platoon One Films and Ellanar Films.

Saba is a talented dancer and a professional vocalist in addition to performing. She has contributed music to a number of films and is a well-known figure in the Indian indie music scene. In 2012, she formed the Madboy/Mink electronic band with actor and musician Imaad Shah.

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