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Alone (2015): All you should know about this Indian Horror Thriller Movie

by Ratan Srivastava

Bipasha Basu as well as Karan Singh Grover feature in the 2015 Indian horror thriller Alone, helmed by Bhushan Patel. The movie is a remake of the same-named Thai movie from 2007, which has been based upon that Tales From Of the Crypt episode “My Brothers Keeper.”

On a rainy night in Kerala, the film begins. An outhouse’s roof is broken when a giant tree limb falls. The woman who was examining the outhouse was taken to the hospital.

Sanjana (Bipasha Basu) as well as her husband, Kabir (Karan Singh Grover), quarrel in another town about being not able to spend the woman’s birthday together.

When Sanjana receives word of her mother’s injury, she as well as her family rush to Kerala.

Sanjana starts to have visions in Kerala that lead her to believe her dead conjoined twin’s soul is chasing her. Her spouse doesn’t really believe her therefore refers to a spiritual healer who was a former professor of his.

Throughout her treatment, she informs the professor how her conjoined twin sister Anjana (Bipasha Basu) used to resent Kabir’s preference for Sanjana over her. Indeed, it was when Kabir informed Sanjana that he had been returning home from overseas that Sanjana made the decision to divorce Anjana. Sanjana blames herself for her sister’s death, which occurred during this procedure.

Sanjana’s images of Anjana, according to the professor, are the product of her remorse and thus are merely a fabrication of her subconsciousness.

Sanjana is driven into the outhouse by such an unknown thing at her mother’s house that night. Kabir wakes up to sounds and discovers her unconscious inside the outhouse. Sanjana is possessed by Anjana’s spirit as she awakens. Sanjana/Anjana can’t get enough of Kabir after that. When the professor sees her again, he senses something is awry and orders Kabir to watch her, which she overhears.

Sanjana/Anjana shall be subjected to a rite, according to the caregiver. Following the rite, Anjana’s grasp on Sanjana grows stronger, and her real colours are revealed, prompting the summoning of an exorcist.

Anjana admits that she was slain during the kanjar. As she walks away from Sanjana’s body, she encourages Kabir to investigate the circumstances behind her death. Kabir threatens to abandon Sanjana once she wakes up. Sanjana informs him that when he contacted her years ago to tell her he was returning home, Anjana went insane and attempted to murder her since she had affections for Kabir as well. Sanjana killed Anjana by hitting her inside the head with a glass music box in self-defence. To protect her daughter, their mother hid the facts.

After speaking with the professor, they attempt to locate as well as burn Anjana’s final item in order to liberate her soul.

The music heading to the outhouse is followed by Sanjana, Kabir, the caretaker, and her daughter-in-law. Anjana’s body is discovered beneath the floor. The caretaker as well as her daughter-in-law enter the building to obtain kerosene to burn the body. They are both killed by Anjana’s spirit. The professor comes with kerosene to the outhouse, but is possessed by Anjana and attacks Sanjana. While fighting him, Kabir discovers the necklace he gave Sanjana when they were little on Anjana’s body.

Sanjana reveals that she really is truly Anjana once he confronts her. She confesses to killing Sanjana well with the music box and taking her sister’s place in order to be with Kabir. Kabir is enraged, and despite her pleadings that she loves him, he decides to leave her. To keep him from going, Sanjana (now revealed to be Anjana) smacks him in the head with such a chair, as well as he falls. Anjana tries to kill Kabir with a pair of scissors but is prevented by Sanjana’s spirit; the blazing roof then falls on Anjana, killing her and saving Kabir. Sanjana’s spirit smiles at Kabir before dissipating in the flames.

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