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How a wheel is the reality TV show “Nailed It”?

by Ratan Srivastava
Nailed It

Friends, take heart. The most lovable, goofiest, low-stakes, a high-reward sitcom on television has returned Nailed It– just when we needed it most.

For a new season, Nailed It! is back. To the uninformed, the Netflix reality competition series seems like something Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock would have created. It’s based on a meme in which someone displays a beautiful difficult craft or endeavour — for instance, a magnificent cake — as well as an amateur’s disastrous attempt to recreate it. The lettering placed on the image exclaims, “Nailed it!”

The meme, like most everything on the internet, comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. It’s sometimes an attempt to embarrass or ridicule those who make mistakes.

Also, it’s possible to recapture that with a fair dose of irony, in the form of a victorious shout that concedes failure while yet proclaiming victory. I didn’t succeed, however, I gave it my all!

When the meme was turned into a programme, it kept more of the other’s goal than that of the former’s. Nailed It! is modelled after one of those brutal culinary or baking competition shows (like Chopped), wherein three inexperienced bakers are tasked with recreating insanely intricate pastries in ridiculously short timescales. Three judges weigh in on the findings and present the “winner” with a monetary reward. Inside this situation, “the one whose baking we might manage to swallow” typically means “the one whose baking we could arrange to swallow.”

Given the difficulty level and setting, you’d assume Nailed It! would be caustic and cruel. Instead, it’s become one of the kindest, most supportive, and silliest ways to delight yourself and your family while learning a few baking tricks. The secret is that Nailed It! never takes itself seriously.

Nicole Byers, the comedian with the contagious laugh, hosts (and judges) the show, which also features world-renowned pastry chef and judge Jacques Torres, as well as a rotating ensemble of comedians, actors, celebrities chefs, and sports figures.

While Torres is the straight guy in the group, Byers and Torres have formed hysterical chemistry that rivals any comedy combination over the course of three regular seasons and two “holiday specials.”

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