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What is the size of the speakers in the Jensen OEC 2010 entertainment?

by Ratan Srivastava

Jensen Loudspeakers manufactures a wide range of speaker sizes and types. Originally situated in Chicago, Illinois, the company was known inside the 1950s and 1960s for creating speakers for guitar as well as bass amplifiers.

Regardless of the fact that CE Distribution is no longer in business, the reissue guitar speakers are currently manufactured in Italy by SICA Altoparlanti as well as supplied inside the United States by CE Distribution. Inside the modern Fender Twin Reverb amp, two 12 Jensen C-12K speakers are employed.

In 1927, co-inventor of the very first loudspeaker Peter Laurits founded the old Radio Manufacturing Company in Chicago, Illinois.

Jensen speakers were chosen by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation to be used in the initial production of a guitar amplifier inside the mid-1940s, raising the company’s popularity to new heights.

Inside the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s, speakers were frequently employed in major amplifier makers, including Fender, Ampeg, the Gibson amplifiers. In addition, the firm produced Hi-Fi loudspeakers for residential use as well as OEM drivers for these other manufacturers.

Jensen Loudspeakers discontinued producing its products inside the early 1970s. The speakers were in considerable demand as replacements for Jensen speakers that had previously been used in amplifiers. In response to this demand, SICA Altoparlanti began reproducing reissues of speakers in 1996.

These speakers are made to look as faithful to the quality as possible. In 2008, SICA Altoparlanti began producing new Jensen speaker designs. Inside the United States, CE Distribution supplies these speakers, and also the reissues.

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