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How can I make a reality TV show and get money upfront?

by Ratan Srivastava
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Do you have a brilliant concept for such a reality show that you can’t wait to see on TV show? You’ll need to lay out the program’s framework and put up a spectacular pitch package before getting your reality show created. Until you have a rough framework as well as a short clip of your program’s highlights, then can begin networking with TV producers as well as executives to get your name out there to get your program in front of possible buyers.

Create a show about someone or something to whom you have access. Ask someone you know who is intriguing to be the topic of your reality programme. You might also concentrate on a group of individuals or a local company in your community.

Make a plan for your show’s framework. You’ll need to plan out your show’s framework ahead of time. For reality shows, there really are two basic structures:

Self-contained. Episodes from self-contained reality shows can be watched on their own. There really is no common thread that runs across whole episodes. It makes no difference if people watch the programmes in any sequence. Consider shows like Extreme Makeover, Fear Factor, as well as Hoarders. Self-contained series are simpler to sell since networks enjoy the fact that viewers may tune in at any point during the season.

Arced. Every episode of a scripted reality programme is connected by an overall plot. To understand what’s going on, viewers must watch the episodes. The Real World, Survivor and The Bachelorette are instances of arced reality series. Because they’re riskier, arced reality programmes are more difficult to pitch to networks; if viewers don’t turn in for episode one, the remainder of the season might be a disaster.

If you want your audience to know what to anticipate from your presentation, give it a format style. Each episode of format-style reality shows follows a similar framework. Dancing with the Stars is an example of a format reality programme in which the dancers execute a new routine in each episode. Tuning in is something that the audience expects.

If each episode will contain various characters or storylines, a format reality programme is an excellent choice.

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