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Which country makes the best horror movies? – Tap to know

by Ratan Srivastava
best horror movies

Horror isn’t simply a Hollywood thing. Filmmakers worldwide have mined the genre throughout the years, producing some horrific cinematic experiences. Here are our top selections for the finest (and scariest) horror movies from around the globe.

1. The Descent (2005) – United Kingdom

So there you have it. Entry from the United Kingdom, and one that still doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Perhaps it’s the basic concept, which follows a group of female cave divers tortured by something evil on their most recent excursion, that turns many off?

Neil Marshall wrote and directed The Descent, a British adventure horror film released in 2005. Six ladies enter an underground system and fight to survive against the humanoid monsters who live there. It stands in the top position when discussing the best horror movies.

2. Ringu (1998) – Japan

J-Horror (Japanese horror films) has a poor track record when it comes to international distribution. There are cultural nuances to be aware of and challenges in translating lengthy dialogue without it appearing like needless exposition. Ringu solves these problems by having a fantastic primary idea and an indescribably terrifying villain with global appeal.

3. Under the Shadow (2016) – UK/Iran

best horror movies

We may be cheating a little because we already have another Iranian film on our list, as well as another British film on the way, but this is such a unique combination of both cultures that we couldn’t leave it out. It’s also so terrifying that our list would be incomplete without it. Go no further than Under the Shadow if you want to know what makes reviewers leap out of their chairs.

4. The Orphanage (2007) – Spain

best horror movies

Creepy kids, well, they’re weird. The Orphanage contains one of the finest jump scenes in recent memory. We haven’t seen popcorn fly across the theatre since Steven Spielberg chose to pop out a severed head in Jaws (1975).

5. We Are What We Are (2010) – Mexico

best horror movies

Cannibalism isn’t recommended for the faint of heart. There have been various approaches to the issue, most recently in the French movie Raw, but there is something about how We Are What We Are treats it all in a matter-of-fact manner that bothers them most. The outer look of ordinary life leads to a startling realisation of what is going on.

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