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Wanted: All that you must know about this Bengali action movie

by Ratan Srivastava

Wanted is indeed a 2010 Bengali action film directed by Ravi Kinagi as well as featuring Jeet and Srabanti Chatterjee. The movie is a remake of Mahesh Babu and Trisha Krishnan’s Telugu superhit Athadu from 2005.

Joy (Indrajit Chakraborty) and Rajkumar Banerjee /Raja (Jeet) are skilled assassins and partners. Each assassination costs Rs. 15 million.

Amarnath Ganguly, a party leader, plans to orchestrate his own attempted assassination in the approaching election to gain sympathy votes. Shubhankar Banerjee (Biplab Chatterjee), a coworker, introduces him to Raja. Someone else assassinates Ganguly.

The skyscraper is immediately surrounded by police. Raja is ready to leave the premises when his automobile gets involved in a car accident. Raja believes Joy was killed inside the accident. With both the cops on his tail, Raja climbs to the top of the structure. Raja is offered an escape with such a rope to land on such a passing train.

Raja encounters Shibu (Atanu Mukherjee), who says that he went away from his hometown of Ganganagar as a child and is now returning. Raja is apprehended by the cops, but Shibu is killed. Raja makes his way to Ganganagar. Raja is Shibhu’s kid, and he is accepted by his family.

Salim Ali Khan (Sharad Kapoor), a CBI investigator, is investigating Ganguly’s murder and believes Raja is to blame. He discovers the Raja/Shibu link. He attempts to obtain “Raja’s” fingerprints but is defeated. Joy is implicated by the clues.

A wedding of “Shibu’s” niece takes place in Ganganagar, the CBI suspects a Raja/Shibu switch, and Raga is a murder suspect. Raja runs, the CBI departs, and he returns to explain the situation. Raja’s family is uninterested in assisting him in his search for the true assassin, but his grandpa (Biswajit Chakraborty) does.

Raja contacts Shubhankar Banerjee and demands to know who is responsible for Ganguly’s death.

Banerjee resists, however Raja informs him that their talk has indeed been taped, and Banerjee spills the beans. For Rs. 20 million, Joy assassinated Ganguly. He pretended to die by having a drunken passenger in the car at the time of the collision. Raja makes his way to Joy’s former church. When Raja and Joy meet, Raja already has the rifle loaded. However, the same cops that killed Shibu barge in. All of them, especially Joy, are killed by Raja. Raja hands over the recording to a CBI agent. The CBI man rushes straight to Banerjee’s office, tells him he’ll give him up to the cops, and Banerjee tells him he doesn’t have any proof.

The tape, according to the CBI investigator, is sufficient proof for Ganguly’s hot-headed son, who now has promised vengeance for his father’s death. Banerjee commits herself because she is trapped and has no way out. Raja releases Shibu’s ashes, and the CBI officer allows him to return to Shibu’s family, where he will remain for the rest of his life.

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