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Boss: All that you should know about this Akshay Kumar starrer movie

by Ratan Srivastava

Boss is indeed a Bollywood action comedy film directed by Anthony D’Souza and written by Farhad-Sajid that was released in 2013. Akshay Kumar, Mithun Chakraborty, Shiv Panditt, Ronit Roy, as well as Aditi Rao Hydari star inside the movie, which is produced by Cape of Good Films and Ashwin Varde Productions. Pokkiri Raja is indeed a remake of a Malayalam film. On October 16, 2013, this movie was released globally.

The movie begins around Satyakant Acharya Shastri, a schoolteacher with two children, Surya and Shiv. Satyakant pushes Surya out and disowns him after he engages in repeated brawls with another youngster and finally murders him. Years pass, and Shiv becomes his father’s sole son. Surya had saved the life of a transport businessman Tauji a.k.a. Big Boss, who had taken him in and reared him like a son for 15 years after being disowned. Surya has now taken on the persona of Boss, a sleek, aggressive transport mogul who fights for justice.

Shiv met and fell in love with Ankita, a college classmate who turns out to be the sister of Ayushman Thakur, a corrupt police officer. Shoorvar Pradhan, the dishonest and power-hungry Home Minister, is in collusion with Ayushman. Pradhan recommends to Ayushman that he marry Ankita to his son Vishal.

Ayushman accepts and determines that whether Ankita wants to or not, she would marry him. He has Shiv imprisoned and convicted for crimes he hasn’t done after learning she is in love with him. Surya was also revealed not to have murdered his classmate. Satyakant, on the other hand, impaled him when he forced them into a room to teach them how to cope with one other.

Satyakant then attempts to free Shiv and gently explains the situation to Ayushman. Rather, he is humiliated and ejected from the police station. Satyakant has no choice but to seek assistance from his other son, Boss, and provide him with an image of Shiv, which informs Surya that Shiv’s life is in danger.

When Boss visits Ayushman, Vishal persuades him to clear Shiv of all allegations, threatening to murder him once he is freed from police prison. Boss, on the other hand, assists Shiv in eluding capture. Pradhan dispatches his cops to apprehend Boss and transport him to Ayushman’s property. Boss eludes the thugs and makes his way to Ayushman’s farm residence. Pradhan summons Tauji to the location to express his displeasure with Boss. Pradhan cancels his deal with Tauji to murder Shiv in front of Tauji. Surya notices Ankita and asks if she loves Shiv, to which she responds affirmatively. In front of Tauji and her brother Ayushman, he accepts the duty of marrying Ankita to Shiv.

Satyakant and Shiv are ambushed by Jabbar Bhai, a contract killer dispatched by Pradhan, as well as his minions. Surya saves his father and brother by decapitating Jabbar Bhai and his gang.

The media, well with aid of an anonymous informer eventually revealed to be Boss, catch twenty-five of Pradhan’s political party’s MLAs red-handed at a brothel with prostitutes. Ayushman puts up Ankita’s friend Dimple as a scapegoat for Shiv, and Shiv is arrested in a bogus rape case. Surya then tortures Vishal and implants a phoney time bomb in his buttocks in order to persuade him to urge his father to have Shiv released from police detention. Satyakant is informed by Tauji claiming Surya did not murder his classmate and it was an accident.

Satyakant and Tauji race to meet Surya, however their automobile is struck by an Ayushman-sent lorry. Tauji escapes the crash, but Satyakant is injured and admitted to the hospital. Eventually, after a long struggle, Boss savagely destroys Ayushman. Satyakant, accompanied by Shiv, is seen spreading his arms as well as inviting Boss to hug him, and the two are reunited.

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