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Singh Is Bliing: All you must know about this Akshay Kumar starrer film

by Ratan Srivastava
Singh Is Bliing

Singh Is Bliing is indeed a 2015 Bollywood action film directed by Prabhu Deva as well as financed by Ashvini Yardi and Jayantilal Gada underneath the Grazing Goat Pictures and Pen India Limited labels. It is a remake of  My Wife Is a Gangster 3 which is a  Korean movie. Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson, Lara Dutta, and Kay Kay Menon star in the major roles in the movie.

It is unconnected to the 2008 movie Singh Is Kinng, which likewise features Kumar inside the male lead and so qualifies as a quasi-sequel. It came out on Gandhi Jayanti, October 2, 2015.

Raftaar Singh (Akshay Kumar) is a cheeky and hilarious guy who is kind and fun-loving yet ignorant. His father kicks him out of the house and offers him an ultimatum: if he wants to return, he must either go into business with Kirpal Singh in Goa or marry Sweetie, a lady he despises. Raftaar opts for the first option. Meanwhile, Sara Rana (Amy Jackson) is shown living in Romania with her father, who has made poor decisions and is a mafia enforcer. Mark, a mafia leader, wants to marry Sara, but she and her father reject him, so he shoots Mr Rana in rage. Sara is able to flee to Goa in the hopes of locating her estranged mother.

Raftaar encounters Kirpal Singh and pretends to speak English to gain a job looking after Sara while she is in India. Raftaar as well as his pals visit Sara there at the airport; when they discover that she does not speak Hindi, Raftaar employs Emily as a translator (Lara Dutta). Sara feels comfortable when she meets Kirpal, but she believes Raftaar is a terrible person. Sara’s perspective shifts as she witnesses Raftaar assisting a woman who has been harassed by a gang of thugs. Sara beats up these thugs later when they come after Raftaar. Emily is surprised to see that Sara can fight, but Sara urges her not to tell Raftaar about the event.

The very same guys abduct Raftaar’s pals and Sara; Raftaar attempts to just save them but is severely battered. Sara subsequently defeats the thugs as well as starts to fall in love with Raftaar. Kirpal is pleased with Raftaar’s performance and, with his assistance, quickly becomes a successful businessman. When Mark hears that Sara is in Goa, he sent his men to retrieve her. Raftaar and Sara attempt to leave, but their car is struck, and Raftaar is seriously injured. Except for a lady who is beaten up by Sara, he fights them all afterwards. Raftaar follows Kirpal’s suggestion and brings Sara to his Punjabi family home.

Sara encounters Raftaar’s parents, and then seeing Raftaar with them makes her smile as she remembers her youth. Sara admits that she’s still in love with Raftaar when Raftaar’s father inquires about her connection with him. Earlier, Emily had delegated the search for Sara’s missing mother to Raftaar, and the two of them return to Goa, where Sara finds her mother with a kid and believes she has a second marriage and is content with her life. Sara decides to return to Romania and declares that she will never return. Raftaar is sad as he watches her go away.

Sara discovers her father recuperating in a Romanian hospital. Sara’s mother is found and brought to Romania by Raftaar, reuniting the family, and Sara professes her love for Raftaar. Raftaar announces his intention to marry Sara to his family and buys a cake, flowers, and new clothes. He attends church but is enraged when he learns that Sara is set to marry Mark. Mark challenges Raftaar to a fight after Sara refuses to marry him. Raftaar defeats Mark and his soldiers but is fatally wounded. Sara is concerned that Raftaar will die, but he awakens after recalling his father’s instructions and restarts his struggle with Mark.

Raftaar defeats the mafia and Mark, who dies after declaring “You’re too good, Sardar” (English: “chieftain” or “leader”), leaving Raftaar dangling from a bridge. Raftaar is rescued and returns to Punjab to celebrate his delight with his friends, family, and Sara. Raftaar and Sara perform a song together at the end of the movie.

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