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Rishtey: All you should know about this Bollywood movie

by Ratan Srivastava

Rishtey is indeed a Bollywood action motion picture from India that was released on December 6, 2002. Anil Kapoor, Karisma Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty, and Amrish Puri appear in the movie directed by Indra Kumar. Just at the box office, the picture did a mediocre job.

Suraj Singh (Anil Kapoor), a lowly amateur boxer, met and fell in love with both the gorgeous and affluent Komal (Karishma Kapoor). Suraj’s social and economic position prevents Komal’s domineering father, Yashpal Chaudhary (Amrish Puri), from agreeing to their future altogether.

Komal breaks all connections with her father and marries Suraj; she becomes pregnant shortly after. Komal and her estranged father reunite after meeting at a family wedding. When Yashpal and Suraj arrive at the couple’s home, they discover a provocative lady (Deepshikha) there, dressed in Komal’s gown. Suraj maintains he has never met her, but the lady claims to be Suraj’s mistress. Suraj attempts to establish his innocence, but Komal is distraught and gives birth to a boy prematurely. Yashpal is concerned that now the kid would establish a permanent link between Komal and Suraj, so he arranges for the baby’s death.

Suraj defeats the hired kill guys and flees with his kid to safety. Komal believes Yashpal when he tells her that Suraj has taken the child.

Suraj relocates to an unknown location, where he raises his son Karan while doing several low-wage jobs. The father and son develop a deep bond over time, and Suraj informs everyone that Karan’s mother has died. Suraj encounters Vaijanti (Shilpa Shetty), a vivacious and eccentric fisherwoman who falls in love with him one day. She tries a variety of activities in the hopes of making Suraj fall in love with her, but she is unsuccessful.

Vaijanti performs a religious fast for Suraj, a custom reserved for married ladies. Suraj, enraged, assures her that his wife is still alive and that he loves her. Vaijanti is heartbroken, yet she continues to befriend him.

Komal’s father has confined her to her mansion, where she has grown unhappy and prone to tantrums. The doctor tells Yashpal that she won’t be able to recover unless she locates her son. Yashpal finds down Suraj and arranges for Komal to meet his father and son together. Suraj intervenes as Yashpal attempts to kidnap Karan. Suraj is then compelled to tell Karan and his pals the truth about Komal.

Komal finds their residence and visits there, only to be met by Vaijanti completing domestic duties. She mistook Vaijanti for Suraj’s lover, insulted her, and then walked away heartbroken. Komal launches a custody battle in order to get to know her son, and her father encourages her to do so. She eventually wins custody of Karan. Karan is enraged that he has been separated from Suraj and refuses to return her devotion. Suraj tries to enter the premises without authorization as Yashpal throws a grandiose party to celebrate the court victory. Yashpal abuses Karan, humiliates Suraj, and arrests him.

After seeing this occurrence, the startled court judge reformulates his decision, stating that Suraj must earn 15 lakh rupees in three months to establish his ability to cater for Karans’ needs. Suraj would be given complete custody if this requirement is satisfied.

Suraj, who has lost his job, decides to compete in a high-stakes wrestling event in the hopes of winning the prize money. Meanwhile, Vaijanti encounters the lady who purported to be Suraj’s mistress but is now suffering from leprosy.

The lady admits that she never met Suraj and that she had been recruited by Yashpal to impersonate Suraj’s boyfriend, which she regrets. It also is disclosed how Yashpal planned Karan’s death that day he got born. Vaijanti transports the woman to Komal’s house and purges the atmosphere. Komal dashes to the wrestling ring, but the match has already started. Suraj is severely battered, but when he sees Komal, he regains his strength. He wins in the end, and they reunite.

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