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Jashnn – The Music Within: Tap to know about this movie

by Ratan Srivastava

Jashnn — The Music Within is indeed a 2009 Indian Hindi-language musical romance movie directed by Raksha Mistry as well as featuring Adhyayan Suman, Anjana Sukhani, Shahana Goswami, plus Pakistani star Humayun Saeed. It was written by Shagufta Rafiq and produced by Raksha Mistry and Hasnain S Hyderabadwala. Vishesh Films is in charge of the production.

The film Jashnn is about Akash Verma (Adhyayan Suman), a 23-year-old guy who aspires to be a singing legend who can carve a path for himself among the galaxy of existing stars. He has ambitions in his heart, but he’s not been able to develop that particular voice that would drive him towards the top.

Only until he’s broken by life and unflinchingly confronts the nasty reality — that he’s freeloading off his elder sister Nisha (Shahana Goswami), who has become the mistress of a wealthy businessman, Aman Bajaj, in order to provide Akash with a comfortable lifestyle — does he realise he’s freeloading (Humayun Saeed). She can touch Aman’s deepest core despite the fact that she is only a mistress.

Call it fate or irony, but the person who sees Akash through these trying times and mentors him whenever he’s down and then out is nothing but the sister of the guy Akash despises the most – Aman Bajaj.

Sara Bajaj (Anjana Sukhani), Aman’s sister, convinces him that he is a very gifted guy who is merely going through a difficult period and that giving up on oneself is the worst crime a human being can commit.

In the darkest winter of his life, Akash discovers an indestructible summer within himself, therefore discovering his own voice, fueled by life’s bittersweet lessons and Sara’s sincere love and support.

As for this one-of-a-kind song, soaked with in enthusiasm of his life, he not just to taps into his limitless potential by becoming an overnight sensation, and he also gives dignity to his beleaguered sister, humbles his biggest critic Aman Bajaj, and, in the process, stays true to Sara’s faith in god had always.

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