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Akira: All you need to know about this Bollywood movie

by Ratan Srivastava

AR Murugadoss co-wrote, produced, and helmed Akira, a 2016 Indian Hindi-language action criminal thriller movie. Konkana Sen Sharma, Sonakshi Sinha, and Anurag Kashyap star in the movie, which is a remake of the Tamil movie Mouna Guru from 2011.

Principal filming started in March 2015, as well as the movie was released on September 2, 2016, in theatres worldwide. Vishal-Shekhar composed the music, which was released on August 16, 2016. Critics gave the picture mixed reviews, with acclaim for the cast’s performances but condemnation for the movie’s script.

Akira Sharma, a little girl, sees a gang of guys hurl acid at the face of a woman. She assists the cops in apprehending one of the crooks. As a result, she is hounded by the accused, who slices her face in retaliation, leaving her scarred. The Daughter father then enrols her on a self-defence course. She runs into the same individuals who’d already fled previously a few days later as well as attempts to apprehend them. One of the men attempts to hurl acid at her, although in the ensuing scuffle, it lands with his own head. For the assault, Akira is arrested, imprisoned, subsequently sentenced to a remand facility.

Akira is freed 14 years later, having matured into a strong, defiant woman. She enrols at college and moves into a hostel, where she struggles to adjust to everyday life. As more and more devices are taken, the institution is also dealing with a thieving student. The college students stage a large protest when a corrupt and drunk-on-power police officer, ACP Rane, strikes an old college professor with his automobile and then beats him up. The demonstrations get violent, but Akira waits calmly for their petition to be handed across to the Commissioner.

A few days later, Rane tries to assist a car accident victim, but when he discovers loot in his trunk, he robs and murders him. Maya, Akira’s girlfriend and a fellow student at the same college, covertly records his talk concerning evidence disposal. However, her purse containing the camera is taken, and Rane is blackmailed. He violently murders Maya because he suspects her. Despite his protests, SP Rabiya is assigned to the case, and he suspects Maya’s murder.

Meanwhile, the college declares that the electronic thief will be forgiven provided all of the stolen equipment are returned anonymously. Across from her dorm, Akira discovers a bag full of stolen things, along with the camera.

Rane’s colleagues use the camera to capture her and plan to murder her and two other witnesses. When the men load the pistol after shooting some other two, she manages to flee.

Akira is declared mentally ill by Rane and his soldiers. Her family members and friends are readily persuaded, given her violent history and rebellious behaviour. She is brought to a mental institution, where she is given electric shocks to drive her mad with the assistance of a dishonest doctor. She ruthlessly murders the physicians and guards with the assistance of another mentally ill prisoner and then flees. To establish her innocence, she kidnaps one of Rane’s accomplices and blackmails him.

Rane, on the other hand, tracks down her hiding place and assaults it. Rabiya arrives with an arrest warrant for Rane and seizes all the weapons, but is halted by the Commissioner since the car-crash victim was the brother of a prominent politician, causing rioting if word of his murder gets out. The charge is returned to Rane, and the commissioner orders him to transport Akira to a mental institution. Rabiya, helpless, flees, but silently carries the confiscated weapons with her, leaving others inside defenceless. In a hand-to-hand battle, Akira easily kills Rane and his accomplices, then returns to the mental institution. She is freed three months later, totally normal.

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