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Insan (2005): All you should know about the Bollywood movie

by Ratan Srivastava

Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn, Esha Deol, Lara Dutta, and Tusshar Kapoor star in Insan (Human), a 2005 Indian Bollywood action drama film. It’s based on the Telugu film Khadgam.

The plot of the movie

Amjad (Akshay Kumar), an auto-rickshaw driver seeking his long-lost brother Munna, and Avinash (Tusshar Kapoor), a struggler aspiring to be a Bollywood star. Heena is Amjad’s lover, and he wishes to marry her. Her parents, on the other hand, need her to marry a wealthy man. As such Amjad hopes to win her parents’ confidence by an unnecessary drama with Avinash as well as his friend to behave as fake goods as well as those who entail Rathod to detain and win Heena’s soul.

The plot of ‘Insan; backfires when actual thugs show up, however, Amjad beats them off, convincing Heena’s parents to actually marry her to Amjad. However, Inspector Ajit Rathod (Ajay Devgn) is now on a quest to find as well as kill a known terrorist named Azhar Khan (Rahul Dev), who murdered his wife (Koena Mitra) and is now hiding first from the law while plotting to ruin Mumbai. Avinash, but at the other side, a struggler, lost his work as just an additional in movies following an altercation with just an egoistic actor. Indu (Laila), a newbie, is aided by Avinash to break into the industry, as well as the two quickly find love, unaware that she’s been forced to something like a compromise with producer.

Avinash, desperate for work, chooses to become an auto-rickshaw driver, however Indu needs to apologize and pushes Avinash to pursue an acting career. Avinash and Indu’s fortunes changes soon just after filmmaker (Asrani) casts both the leads in his upcoming movie after already being pleased by his acting abilities. Meghna, a news reporter (Lara Dutta), develops feelings for Rathod, and the latter remains traumatised as well as enraged by the murder of his wife.

After his banishment, Azhar comes home with much the same goal of devastation in mind: to detonate a bomb on even a railway carrying people. He assassinates Rathod’s buddy, Inspector Deepak, and then flees. Rathod discovers out Azhar is Amjad’s younger brother, Munna, and detains Amjad. Azhar contacts Rathod there at Bandra Terminus, where he’s been holding passengers as hostages, with offer of releasing his assistant Maqsood (Ashok Samarth) and Amjad in exchange for a helicopter. Rathod follows the plan as well as arrives just at the station when Amjad is shocked to hear out his sibling is just a terrorist. Amjad begs Azhar to let the innocent civilians alone, however Azhar refuses, citing jihad as an excuse. When in an explosion just at the station, a battle breaks out, and Rathod and Amjad murder Azhar’s men. Whenever Azhar and Maqsood start attacking Rathod and Amjad, they are shot down by both of them.

Rathod expresses sympathy for Amjad, but the latter rejects, claiming that anybody who attacks innocent people for no reason of jihad must be shot. Rathod, Amjad, and Avinash escape from the assault inside the conclusion.


Sameer wrote all of the words, and Himesh Reshammiya created all of the soundtracks of ‘Insan’.

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