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Guru (2017): All you must know about this Telugu sports drama movie

by Ratan Srivastava

Guru is indeed a Telugu sports drama film directed by Sudha Kongara as well as produced by S. Shashikanth under the Y NOT Studios brand in 2017. Santhosh Narayanan created the soundtrack for the movie, which features Venkatesh and Ritika Singh. Irudhi Suttru is a remake of Kongara’s original film (2016).

Aditya aka Aadi (Venkatesh) is a failing boxer who, despite his brilliance, is a victim of the boxing association’s corrupt politics. Many years later, Aadi, who now coaches the women’s boxing teams, is still enraged and disturbed by the selection bias.

He is unjustly accused of sexual harassment and moved to Vizag as a result of his feud with the association’s chairman, Dev Khatri (Zakir Hussain). Despite the lack of infrastructure, Aadi discovers talent in Rameswari aka Ramulu (Ritika Singh), a roadside vegetable seller whom he and his assistant coach Punch Ponds (Nassar) spot as she is thrashing the judges during her sister’s competition.

Despite the fact that Rameswari’s older sister, Lakshmi aka Lux (Mumtaz Sorcar), has been boxing for eight years, Aadi promises to coach Rameswari for four hours every day. However, owing to Aadi’s severe training techniques and Rameswari’s violent attitude, the two do not get along.

As a result, Rameswari loses a local match on purpose. Later, Aadi requests Lakshmi and Rameswari’s parents to send their daughters to live in a dormitory with him so that they may focus on their training. Rameswari misunderstands him, but she soon regrets it when she learns that Aadi has sold his bike in order to purchase new training equipment for her. Rameswari then begins to coach Aadi with zeal and determination, and she develops affections for him. She expresses her affections to Aadi on the day of a qualifying match, and he swiftly rejects her. Lakshmi, who is now envious of her sister, injures Rameswari’s hand during the warm-up before the match, forcing Rameswari to lose.

Aadi believes Rameswari lost on purpose this time and dismisses her from training camp.

Dev Khatri seizes the opportunity by summoning Rameswari to Delhi for a cultural exchange event, where she is pitted against a heavyweight Russian boxer, who knocks her out in such a matter of seconds. Dev Khatri approaches a demotivated Rameswari with just an immoral proposal, toward which she responds by harming him. Dev Khatri exacts vengeance by having her arrested on allegations of fake theft.

Aadi rushes to her aid and saves the day. Later, he transports Rameswari to Delhi in order to get her a wild-card spot in the World Boxing Championship. Rameswari puts forth a lot of effort and wins the semifinal. Dev Khatri eliminates Rameswari’s name from the list on the day of the finals and begs Aadi to quit immediately if he wants to see Rameswari in the final, with the same Russian boxer who knocked her out in Delhi. Rameswari is given the opportunity to compete in the last round, but she is disappointed after learning of Aadi’s resignation. She continues to lose points in the early rounds and is seriously damaged when Aadi arrives at the arena and tells her to attack her opponent’s arms in order to weaken her. In the final round, Rameswari sticks to the game plan and knocks out her opponent with seconds to go.

Dev Khatri instantly tries to claim credit for Rameswari’s training. Despite this, she strikes him and sprints towards Aadi, hugging him, demonstrating an emotional reunion between a coach and a pupil.

Santhosh Narayanan wrote the music. Lahari Music Company released the music. All other songs, with the exception of “Jingidi,” were taken from the original Tamil movie’s soundtrack. Actor Venkatesh made his singing debut with the song “Jingidi.”

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