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Anushka Sharma prepares for Chakda Xpress before flying to the UK

by Ratan Srivastava
Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma is returning to the big screen following her pregnancy with Chakda Xpress, a film based on the lives and times of India’s most successful female cricketer, Jhulan Goswami. Goswami, a fast bowler, owns the world record for most wickets in an international career.

Jhulan’s remarkable journey is chronicled in Chakda Xpress as she rises through the ranks amid sexist politics, pursuing her ambition of playing cricket for India. She achieved her aim and went on to captain the Indian women’s national cricket team, serving as a role model for the country’s budding cricketers. An Indian postage stamp was produced in her honour in 2018.

Given Jhulan’s status as a national sporting legend, it appears that every effort is being made to make Chakda Xpress the most lavish homage that a female sports star has ever received on film. All of the information are revealed by a trade source in the business. “Chakda Xpress will have a very important shooting schedule in the UK as no stone will be unturned to make this film the biggest sporting film on a woman sports icon of India. Anushka is expected to shoot in the UK for close to a month! When was the last time you heard a sports film based on an Indian woman have a 30 day production schedule in England? Never!” informs the source.

The source adds, “Chakda Xpress is looking to change the discourse of how sports film based on women should be mounted in India. This always happens to an Anushka Sharma Project. Whenever she comes onboard a film, she wants to set a benchmark and aims to shatter set industry stereotypes. This also subtly indicates that Anushka wants to dish out the grandest tribute to the biggest women cricketing icon of our country. There can be no half measures when you set out with a vision this lofty.”

Anushka wants people to grasp how she believes women protagonists should be depicted in Indian cinema today through Chakda Xpress, according to our source.

“Look at Anushka’s body of work. It speaks volumes about how she sees women should be projected on screen because she is extremely aware that cinema can have a positive impact on society. She has always chosen to play strong women and Jhulan is one of the strongest women that anyone can come across in India. Her story and journey are simply awe-inspiring. With Chakda Xpress, Anushka is definitely aiming to further this narrative and the mounting of the film at this level proves just that!” says the source.

Chakda Xpress is being produced by Clean Slate Filmz.

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