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Aashiq: All you need to know about this Bollywood movie

by Ratan Srivastava

Indra Kumar helmed Aashiq, a 2001 Indian Hindi action romance movie. The major roles are Bobby Deol and Karisma Kapoor. The film is a remake of the Telugu film Gulabi. Aashiq No. 1 was indeed the original title of the movie. Pooja’s part was offered for Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Urmila Matondkar.

The movie had its world debut in Mumbai on January 26, 2001. Box Office India rated Aashiq as “Average.”
Mrinal Kulkarni’s brother, Mathur, is a suspended police officer, and Chander (Bobby Deol) aids his buddy to marry his beloved Sapna (Mrinal Kulkarni). When Chander assists Sapna run away from the home, Sapna’s friend Pooja (Karisma Kapoor) seems to be with her.

Pooja is passionately in love with Chander from such a point forward. Sapna marries a friend of Chander’s. Sapna’s brother is enraged by this since he has a vendetta against Chander and will try to arrest him anywhere at the chance.

Pooja lives alongside her loveless folks inside a large mansion. Every moment her parents were together, they fought and argued. Pooja starts phoning Chander on the telephone surreptitiously, contacting herself “dream girl,” and flirting with him, making him pleased and anxious to find out what she’s. Chander’s father (Anupam Kher) is indeed an advocate who adores his lone son. Because the two of them share a home, their connection was quite close.

Chander’s father assisted him in locating the “ideal girl” by duping her into attending the wedding of some other Chander. Chander felt overjoyed to hear out his ideal woman is Pooja, as well as the two, started dating soon after.

Pooja’s family disapprove of the connection and compel Pooja to marry somebody when they hear about it. Until Chander learns of her wedding plans, he rushes to her home to meet with her dad, who begins to physically and verbally attack him, prompting Chander to return fire after Pooja comes.

Pooja as well as Chander have such a falling out as a result of this misconception, and Chander goes to his house, whereupon Pooja phones him to inform him that she has discovered the truth & try to invite him. Chander, on the other hand, is angry and refuses to talk to her. Then Chander’s boyhood buddy Jai picks up the phone and invites her to join him in a lonely place with Chander, something she accepts.

After Pooja and Jai meet, a team of men kidnaps her on Jai’s orders, only to discover that she was sold to Baburao, another of the city’s most dreaded pimps.

After reminiscing the memories they shared on her birthday, Chander recalls Pooja and resolves to pay her a visit. However, Aashiq he is stopped by Mathur and a squad of police officers and taken into police custody for questioning, wherein Pooja’s father confesses that she’s been gone for 2 days. Chander retaliates and flees the police station as Mathur with his policemen tries to attack him. Afterwards when, Chander begins looking for Pooja and encounters his buddy Jai, who offers to assist them in his hunt.

Jai calls Mathur and wants to set off Chander in a dancing club to have him jailed. After seeing an earring that Chander had provided to Pooja in Jai’s drink, Chander finds out all the set up inside the dance club, however, Jai tries to get away. Jai rushes towards the police station as well as asks Inspector Mathur for protection, as well as his assistance in catching Chander. They dispatch Badru, Mathur’s informant, to provide Chander false information regarding Jai’s location. Chander enters the room, which is pitch black and kicks Jai from behind. It is Mathur, dressed as Jai, who informs him how Jai is secure at his investigator Badru’s residence. Chander is encircled by a large number of police officers.

He explains how Chander has discovered Jai’s true whereabouts thanks to a phone he had with him. Chander finally tracks down Jai and assaults him inside the streets, forcing Jai to accompany him towards the brothel wherein he sold her. From outside the brothel, nevertheless, Chander falls into a confrontation with Baburau’s men and is stabbed by another one of those.

It is revealed that such an Arabic man representing Dubai had decided to purchase Pooja for 50 lakh rupees and plans to bring them to Dubai alongside him. However, Chander is badly injured after already being attacked and has been nursed in Sapna’s home by his dad and colleagues; once Badru learns of this, he notifies investigator Mathur.

Even before Mathur, as well as his constabulary Bawander Singh, go there to apprehend Chander, they discover that Chander managed to escape now since Bawander Singh informed Chander’s mates about just the raid, which also enrages Mathur and causes Bawander to step down from his position due to Mathur’s partiality forward into his job responsibilities and personal vendetta against Chander.

Later, Chander learns that Pooja has been kidnapped by that of the Arabic guy and rushes towards the airport can save her, just as she is about to board a plane. Nevertheless, Aashiq Chander meets Baburao, who allows him to beat him and abduct Pooja. He redirects his focus to Jai following defeating Baburao inside a hard-fought struggle. When Baburao rises up and attempts to fire Chander, Chander steps away, as well as the bullet hits Jai’s forehead rather, killing him. Baburao tries to shoot Chander twice, and yet is shot from behind while investigator Mathur, who appears to have assisted Chander, and receives a heartfelt salute from his policeman, Bawander Singh. Pooja and Chander embrace one another towards the end of the film.

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