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Why were comedy movies popular in the 1930s?

by Ratan Srivastava

During the 1930s Great Depression, viewers craved an escape out from the harsh reality of daily life. Silent comedians began dying out at once as talking films became more popular, and humour, as well as comedy, were required more so than ever.

As a younger breed of writers recognised a chance to incorporate snappy discussion into movies, silent slapsticks became swiftly supplanted by fast-talking humour. The most significant comedy genre of both the 1930s was screwball humour. Actually, that’s the next essential step towards comedy after silent slapstick.

Screwball comedies were indeed a wild new genre of fast-talking romantic fiascoes that mingled comedy and elegance which first debuted within the 1930s.

It contained sex disputes and also was set in society upon that edge of chaos, with hapless men caught up inside the whirlwinds of ferocious women.

The bulk of screwball comedies had two huge performers inside the primary romantic roles, together with a host of talented supporting cast members. Many of these movies functioned as vehicles for romantic romances among two of Hollywood’s hottest newcomers.

They were generally too preoccupied with verbally as well as occasionally physically attacking one other onstage to notice that they were all in love, at least until the last scene. Inside the 1930s, screwball comedy was indeed a prominent genre, but there are many others too though.

Throughout the decade, comedy luminaries like the Marx Brothers as well as Charlie Chaplin released a flood of comedies, giving moviegoers a range of reasons to go out to the cinema.

So, while there was a lot to talk about when it pertains to 1930s comedy, this piece will concentrate on the best 21, so let’s just get started. And besides, the greatest way to learn about such a period’s on-screen comedy is really to marathon its greatest movies.

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