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What is a Bollywood movie?

by Ratan Srivastava

When you think of Hollywood, you probably think of blockbuster movies, red carpets, as well as one really iconic white-lettered sign inside the hills of Los Angeles. Likewise, Bollywood is recognised for several staples—expensive song-and-dance sequences, romantic melodrama, as well as eye-catching set design—but there’s a lot more from this diversified movie industry than that.

Bollywood is a combination of “Hollywood” plus “Bombay,” and it alludes to India’s Hindi-language film industry, which is still located in Mumbai. Bollywood is the most important part of India’s movie industry, responsible for just a third of all film ticket sales as well as 44% of net box office earnings in 2020.

By terms of amount of movies released, India boasts the nation’s biggest movie business (yep, greater than Hollywood), generating around 1,500 as well as 2,000 movies per year in 20 languages. Tollywood (the Telegu-language industry in Hyperabad), as well as Kollywood (the Tamil-language industry in Chennai), are two additional sections of India’s movie industry. Nollywood alludes to Nigeria’s film business; Trollywood to Sweden’s; as well as Y’allywood to Atlanta’s emerging production hub—these are just a handful of many Hollywood-inspired nicknames throughout the world.

Bollywood has risen to epic proportions in recent years, profiting on seeds sowed more than just a century ago with the production of the very first silent Bollywood movie in 1913 and the very first talkie in 1931. Bollywood films are now extremely popular and very well amongst Indian moviegoers.

Shubhra Gupta, a movie critic for The Indian Express, told that when she first decided to review films for Such Indian Express 25 years ago, several of her peer group pity her. “Poor you,” she remembers, “you will not be seeing Hollywood movies.” “After that, Bollywood got fashionable. Now it’s all about Bollywood.

However, Bollywood’s century-old business now faces a new challenge: how to overcome the worldwide epidemic while maintaining its upward trajectory. Bollywood films are currently available for streaming, despite the fact that they are frequently better experienced in cinemas. Here’s everything you need to understand before you start watching movies.

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