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What are the top 10 Most Popular Movies of Indian Actor Navin Nischol?

by Ratan Srivastava

Navin Nischol was such an Indian actor who made a name for himself in Hindi movies. He had been an FTII, Pune graduate with a reputation for his excellent appearance and genuine acting. Later in his profession, he performed in Punjabi movies as well as TV serials. He was also the first Gold Medalist from Pune’s FTII to get into the Bollywood industry. The following are his top ten films:

  1. HANSTE ZAKHM (1973)

Hanste Zakhm was a box-office smash there at the time, and it helped put Navin on the map. It is also the storey of Somesh, a cab driver from a wealthy family. He finds love with Chanda, a prostitute who is unaware that she is the daughter of Mahendru, a powerful businessman. When Chanda realises her ties, she attempts to persuade Somesh to marry his sister, who is still residing alongside her father. Navin played the role of Somesh.


The movie follows Kamal Kishore Khosla, for whom the property is illegally intruded upon by a function Object, who attempts to resell it to them. The sons of Khosla try to develop a scheme to mislead the architect. Navin portrayed Bapu, a character who poses as Mr Bedi in order to sell his land to the builder.

3. VICTORIA NO. 203 (1972)

The movie follows Seth Durgadas as he searches for gems in Victoria no. 203. Various adversaries of Durgadas, and also the son of Durgadas’s dead father, are pursuing the gems. Navin Nischol plays Kumar, the child of Seth Durgadas.


Vicky, Sneha, and Karan are in a romantic triangle in this film. Vicky met and fell in love with Sneha regardless of the fact that Karan has feelings for her as well. Karan invents a scheme to frame him for the rape of a classmate. Navin portrayed Sneha’s father within the film.

5. DHUND (1973)

Navin portrayed Chandrasekhar, who stumbles upon Rani one misty night after she had murdered her violent spouse who’d been nasty to everyone in the family. They concoct a scheme to make the murder appear to become the result of a robbery gone wrong. The inquiry is based on the story’s storyline.

6. SAWAN BHADON (1970)

The storey of rich Vikram, who is tricked at every turn by their step-sister Dolly and step-mother Sulochana, is told in Sawan Bhadon. He returns to India after Europe and falls in love with Chanda, a country girl who Sulochana despises. Vikram turns a potentially dangerous situation into such an opportunity to introduce Sulochana. Vikram was portrayed by Navin.


The movie portrays Ajay and Bhola, two buddies who really are attempting to bring Girdharlial, an old gentleman, to his house since he is owed a reward if he is discovered. However, the assassination of Girdharilal’s work colleagues throws the strategy off. Navin Nischol portrays Ajay.

8. WOH MAIN NAHIN (1974)

The plot centres on Vijay Kumar, who has been accused of forgery, fraud, as well as murder and is having his case heard in court. He refused to take part in either of them. The film’s plot revolves around the investigations. Navin Nischol portrays Vijay.

9. ZORRO (1975)

Rajkumar Bade Gunawar Bahadur Singh dons the Zorro mask in order that will save the people against Shamsher’s oppression. The storyline of the movie is based on this. Navin Nischol portrays Zorro.

10. AAFAT (1977)

Navin portrayed the upright policeman Amar, who has been on the trail of criminal Hardayal, about which he exceeds certain lines, is suspended, and is eventually apprehended by Hardayal’s men. Inspector Chhaya, Amar’s lover, attempts to just save him.

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