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Pardes: All you should know about this Bollywood movie

by Ratan Srivastava

Subhash Ghai helmed, produced, as well as co-wrote Pardes, a 1997 Hindi-language musical drama movie. Shah Rukh Khan, newcomers Mahima Chaudhry and Apurva Agnihotri, Alok Nath, and Amrish Puri feature in the film, which is distributed by Mukta Arts. In India, the movie was released in theatres on August 8, 1997. It got mixed reviews, including Khan, Chaudhry, and Agnihotri receiving appreciation for their performances. Pardes was indeed a commercially successful, collecting approximately $409 million worldwide, making it the fourth highest-grossing Bollywood movie of 1997, after Dil To Pagal Hai (also starring Khan), Border, as well as Ishq.

Filming took place in the United States (Los Angeles, Las Vegas), Canada (British Columbia, including Vancouver), and India (Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh, including Agra). At the 43rd Filmfare Awards, it garnered a total of 12 nominations, including Best Movie, Best Director for Ghai, as well as Best Actress for Chaudhry. It won three awards: Chaudhry won Best Female Debut, Ghai won Best Screenplay, as well as Yagnik won Best Female Playback Singer.

Pelli Kanuka (1998), featuring Jagapati Babu, Lakshmi, and Banumathi Ramakrishna, was indeed a Telugu remake of the film. Upon that eve of the 50th anniversary of Independence of india, this was released. Rajiv, the son of affluent NRI Kishori Lal Sinha, travels to India for a planned marriage with Ganga Kashyap. He is uninformed of Indian traditions because he has spent his whole life in the United States, but is aided by his foster brother, Arjun Sagar, who acts as a matchmaker for them, assisting them in falling in love and to become friends with Ganga.

Rajiv as well as Ganga get engaged after a brief romance and go to the United States together. She is met with animosity by the westernised Sinhas there. As she becomes increasingly alone, she turns to Arjun for support and comfort. Ganga is taken aback when she sees Rajiv smoking, drinking, displaying his money, and being verbally nasty during a party.

She later learns about his ex-girlfriends and extramarital activities.

Ganga approaches Arjun, enraged, for withholding information concerning Rajiv. Arjun approaches him, but Sinhas notices his developing affection for Ganga. Instead, he has been transferred within the United States under the guise of business. Rajiv and Ganga have arrived in Las Vegas. He is adamant on making physical contact with her. She wants to wait till she marries, but Rajiv is impatient and disrespectful of India. Ganga hits him and then throws away her ring, signalling that their relationship is a fake. Rajiv raps her and beats her up as a result, and Ganga passes out.

Arjun finds her wailing in the railway station the next day and accompanies her back to India, where everyone assumes they’ve had an affair. When the two arrive in India, Ganga’s father Suraj kicks Arjun out of the house and locks her up in a room. Ganga’s friends and grandmother convince her that her relationship with Arjun is a sign of love, and they set her free so she may track him down. Arjun is on his way to his village when he is stopped by Rajiv, who is out for vengeance.

Kishori Lal interrogates Arjun, who admits to loving Ganga but never intended to keep her from Rajiv. Ganga speaks up about the Las Vegas tragedy. Kishori Lal smacks Rajiv and tells him to return to the United States.

He promises to return Ganga to the United States so that she can marry Arjun instead. She marries him and settles down in the United States.

Nadeem-Shravan composed the soundtrack, while Anand Bakshi wrote the lyrics. The album’s music directors, Nadeem-Shravan, were nominated for a Filmfare Award as well as won a Star Screen Award for Best Music Director. This was the only album on which K.S. was featured. For Nadeem-Shravan, Chithra sang a Hindi song.

Ghai intended A. R. Rahman to create the movie’s soundtrack, but he was too pricey and didn’t fit into the budget. They did, however, work on Ghai’s following film, Taal.

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