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Kriti Sanon desires larger funds for movies with female leads

by Ratan Srivastava

While there is a greater demand and supply for strong female characters, Kriti Sanon points out that the budgets for movies with strong female characters have not increased.

Kriti Sanon has shared her opinions on movies with female leads, sometimes known as women-centric movies. The Shehzada actress stated that strong and significant female roles have been developed for women in the past in an interview with a news portal, citing Mother India and ChaalBaaz as examples. She claimed that there are now more of these characters in modern times.

Additionally, she said that both the supply of actors and the demand for such roles have grown. The actress claimed that regardless of the actor’s gender, star status, or other characteristics, the public wants to see outstanding content. Budgets, on the other hand, have not increased, according to Kriti.

Kriti Sanon commented that there is still room for growth in terms of finances for films with a focus on women in an interview with Hindustan Times. She claimed that Gangubai Kathiawadi, starring Alia Bhatt, might be the first movie with a female lead that was produced on such a large scale, and she asserted that this is how it ought to be.

“Sometimes we end up making films around female protagonists at a smaller budget, because we feel that it’s not going to do as much business. And it also doesn’t end up doing as much business because it is made on a smaller scale,” she said.

The 31-year-old actress further added, “That conviction and risk is something which I want to see. I hope it becomes a norm”.

She said, “Films with female protagonists will start doing greater business at the box office once they are produced on larger proportions, and issues like gender imbalance will start fading away too.”

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It should be mentioned that Kriti starred in Mimi in 2021, playing a prominent female heroine as well.

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