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Gabbar Is Back: All you need to know about this Blockbuster Hindi movie

by Ratan Srivastava
Gabbar Is Back

Gabbar Is Back or sometimes spelt Gabbar is indeed a 2015 Bollywood Hindi-language vigilante action thriller film directed by Krish as well as produced by Viacom 18 Motion Pictures and Sanjay Leela Bhansali. This movie, which stars Akshay Kumar and Shruti Haasan, is indeed a remake of A. R. Murugadoss’ 2002 Tamil film Ramanaa, which was later adapted in Telugu as Tagore in 2003 and Kannada as Vishnu Sena in 2005. Suman Talwar, Sunil Grover, and Jaideep Ahlawat play supporting parts, and Kareena Kapoor makes a surprise appearance. The movie was a box office hit, and Akshay Kumar’s performance received positive reviews.

The police receive information that ten tehsildars have been inexplicably kidnapped across Maharashtra. They are miraculously restored, with the exception of the most corrupt officer, who is hung. The cops get a CD from a mysterious individual named ‘Gabbar,’ who claims to be on a mission to expose corrupt cops. Even though his higher officers ridicule and abuse him in front of the other officers, police driver Sadhuram is certain he can solve the puzzle of who is Gabbar.

While demonstrating his Physics lesson to the students, National Campus lecturer Aditya Singh Rajput thrashes several thugs who try to vandalise college property.

Upon his way home that evening, he meets Shruti, a young lawyer who is rushing to take a pregnant lady to the hospital. However, the woman’s water breaks and Shruti sends Aditya out, claiming to be acquainted with the delivery procedure. They drive to the hospital after the delivery is successful, but just before Shruti can thank Aditya, he is gone. She runs across Aditya again during a fight a few days later, and the two start dating. Meanwhile, Sadhuram discovers that each department in the state has one honest officer, and he is certain that every one of these honest officials is linked to Gabbar.

Aditya and Shruti are leaving a roadside café when Shruti is injured in a small accident, and Aditya rushes her to the Patil Hospital, where a female doctor insists on doing a series of expensive tests despite the fact that she is in no danger. Aditya overhears a doctor attempting to recommend the more costly Caesarean section birth and is quickly convinced of the medical staff’s dirty methods when he witnesses a father-daughter combo being notified of the mother’s death only after an exorbitant bill has been paid. He inadvertently registers a poor woman’s dead husband as a patient, and the hospital, ignorant of his scheme, tries to defraud Aditya by pretending to treat the already deceased matriarch.

Aditya, on the other hand, gives them the death certificate as proof that they knew admitted a dead guy. Vikas Patil, the hospital’s youthful owner, is enraged when Aditya, despite having struck a deal with him, leaks the footage showing the hospital’s wrongdoing to the public. Vikas is assassinated by an outraged public, and his father, Digvijay Patil, recognises Aditya in hospital CCTV footage, only to discover that this is the same guy he had allegedly slain five years before.

Aditya’s pregnant wife Sunaina perished when the buildings of their colony fell, killing hundreds of other people, according to a recollection. Aditya gathered evidence of the defective structures against builder Digvijay, who bought every one and tried to bribe Aditya as well by giving Rs. 10 million to settle the case, but Aditya turned down the offer by battling everyone in the room and nearly murdering Digvijay. When he pleaded for forgiveness, Aditya spared him, but Digvijay violently reacted by striking him with an axe and leaving him for dead. A bus full of medical students, on the other hand, discovered the unconscious Aditya on a highway and saved his life. He, therefore, decided to enlist the help of idealistic, youthful, honest youngsters and National College-trained students.

However, Sadhuram discovers that almost all of the honourable officers graduated from National College. Shruti is startled to learn out Aditya is indeed the actual Gabbar, however, she backs him up after he tells her the truth.

Kuldeep Pahwa, a CBI official, is assigned to the case and therefore is perplexed by the facts. He listens to Sadhuram’s findings and orders the arrest of the National College students named by Sadhuram, but the students refuse to reveal anything about Gabbar after being assaulted, which enrages him even more. Because the law doesn’t function, Shruti explains Kuldeep, a vigilante like Gabbar has become a hero to regular folks.

Sadhuram’s opinion on Gabbar shifts. Digvijay assassinates an upright official in order to persuade others to approve his shoddy construction designs. Digvijay is the object of Gabbar’s prank. Digvijay throws himself a birthday celebration, and while cutting the cake, he notices Aditya. He gets kidnapped by Aditya and his gang. While police search the city for Digvijay in vain, Aditya murders Digvijay in a struggle that develops between the two, after which he surrenders to the cops and is later sentenced to death, resulting in massive public outrage and outraged students blocking his jail van.

Kuldeep asks him to speak to the students, and he agrees, encouraging them to use their fury to fight corruption and to be the change they want to see in the world. Finally, as he prepares to be hung, Aditya says that while he will die, the movement will continue.

According to reports, Shraddha Kapoor was considered for the character portrayed by Hassan, but she declined because she was busy filming her hit movie Haider at the time.

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