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Drive: All you should know about this Bollywood’s action heist movie

by Ratan Srivastava

Tarun Mansukhani wrote, edited, as well as directed Drive, a 2019 Indian Bollywood action drama heist film produced by Hiroo Yash Johar, Karan Johar, as well as Apoorva Mehta under Dharma Productions. The film stars Sushant Singh Rajput, Jacqueline Fernandez, Vikramjeet Virk, and Sapna Pabbi and focuses on the chase for an infamous ‘King’ who is wanted for a gold theft of 300 kg. An undercover spy infiltrates a group of street racers pursuing the King. The movie was supposed to be out on September 7, 2018, however, it was pushed out to June 28, 2019, and it never came out in theatres. On November 1, 2019, this was made available on Netflix.

Vibha Singh is a crooked official inside the Indian government’s Accounts Department who coerces many of her clients into handing her “percentages” of their money that may have been stolen or seized.

She persists to do this with the help of her assistant Hamid, concealing the money in a basement of the Rashtrapati Bhavan that is only known to her and resumes her lifestyle until she receives word from Kirit Ojha, the Honorary Secretary to the Prime Minister, that her assistance is urgently needed by the Prime Minister for a specific task, and Ojha sends his man, Irfan, to work with them and begin an investigation from within their department to avoid being caught.

To do so, a hacker from the technical department named Raj is assigned to interpret the gang’s correspondence.

Hamid and Irfan then investigate a street racing group whose members have been vying for King’s attention. The gang, which includes Tara as the leader and her companions Bikki and Naina as associates and friends, engages in illegal street racing, and as Irfan speculates that a particular Arjun might be able to enter the gang and gain more information on King, a guy emerges out of nowhere.

When Tara seeks to meet a recent street racing winner, the guy, Samar, disturbs her and earns Tara’s trust by reclaiming the car and money he was granted when he was arrested by a police officer, Rathore. Samar bonds well with Tara, Bikki, and Naina during the course of events that follow, holidaying with the group in Israel for the next few days, when Irfan, along with Singh and Hamid, realises that several messages they have been receiving ostensibly as customer care offer messages are actually coded messages. They enlist Raj’s help in deciphering the rail code signals, and he discovers that the King’s wealth is hidden near the Gopigunj police station.

When it is discovered that the infiltrator, Arjun, was a member of the street racing meetings and it has been able to be successful against the three, Tara, Bikki, and Naina are saved by an unknown entity, which is later shown to be Samar himself.

Samar gets the group started on the coveted Rashtrapati Bhavan robbery, which is aimed at getting them their hands-on Singh’s money, as well as their plan, begins to work, and although days later, much closer to the heist, Irfan realises that Raj was actually allied with King, and interrogates him, thwarting the hacking aspects of the group’s plan.

On the eve of the theft, Samar informs Tara that he would turn the stolen money into diamonds and keep them in the Museum of London, and even as Bikki and Naina prepare to marry, Samar devises a backup plan.

The heist works perfectly well when Irfan, Hamid, and Singh are caught off guard, with Singh being knocked unconscious and her money stolen, but the mighty escape to the airport, where Tara fools Samar and ensures that he is apprehended by the police, is when Tara reveals to him that she is King, and it was impulsive for her to betray him for all his intelligence. Irfan and Hamid track down Samar and apprehend him.

Tara has changed her name to a random Mrs Khan and travels to the Bank of London with Bikki to put her gems in a vault two months later. Meanwhile, she immediately recognises Samar, who is dressed as Mr Sharma, the vault manager, and quickly learns that Irfan, who suddenly comes before her, is actually Samar’s employer, and that Samar was permitted in as the early Ojha. Tara, accompanied by a hapless Bikki, then steps inside the vault with Samar and Irfan.

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