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Why is salad always served in movies and television show?

by Ratan Srivastava
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I’m not sure why every movie or television show serves salad at every meal. However, let us summarise it with an example.

I’m not sure if they only eat one salad kind. I’ve seen nearly every episode several times and am constantly on the lookout for all these things. They consume a wide range of cuisines as both a population, with the bulk of them being ethnic in origin, which is unsurprising.

They’re all from the same socioeconomic group and reside in Los Angeles, so they have lots of choices and the financial resources to pursue them.

Everyone eats the same meal when they dine at Leonard and Sheldon’s place, which is usually takeaway. The men consume a broad variety of dishes at work because of their work at such a college cafeteria upon that Cal Tech campus.

I’m constantly amazed at how delicious as well as healthy their cafeteria food is. Most cafeterias serve brown food with a few sprigs of green and red for colour instead of flavour.

When the couples dine alone at home, it appears that they eat lots of very green salads with such a lot of red tomatoes. Penny is shown here, I assume, eating salad and drinking wine. Very likely, the salads are green salads containing vinaigrette dressing.

I’d include a chapter or two about just the food if I were preparing a dissertation on The Big Bang Theory. There are no overweight characters, despite the fact that Penny is the only one who exercises.

The guys talk about eating as if they were still children, even though you seldom see them eating pasta with miniature hot dogs sliced into it or sipping Strawberry Quik. Although you just do not see Howard’s mother chopping up their meat for him, you can hear her getting up and walking to the supermarket after Howard requested supplies for lamb stew. Bernadette becomes worried about concealed fat and sugar in her diet about 7:00 p.m., although I believe this one is related to her sceptical personality rather than her fatphobia.

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