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What is the most popular role in K-pop?

by Ratan Srivastava

Every member of a K-pop group is critical to their overall success, but fans and netizens believe that there will always be one person who may make a significant difference in their performance and popularity if they are not there among the other members.

Based on responses from various online communities, the following K-pop idols are the most significant members of their groups, as per numerous netizens and fans; hence, if they were to leave, their team would be severely weakened.

*Disclaimer: As all of the members are important, these members serve key roles that, as per fans and netizens, would constitute the group incomplete.

BTS Jungkook is among the most significant members of the K-pop group since he is not only the group’s primary vocalist, but also its lead dancer, sub-rapper, centre, and visual. On top of that, he’s the golden maknae and stan-attractor, and he’s a huge supporter of the group.

Lisa’s global reputation and influence allow her to play an important part in the group not only as of the group’s main dancer, lead rapper, and visual but also because of her wide-ranging popularity and the attention she receives from other countries such as Thailand and China.

Bang Chan is necessary for Stray Kids to exist, and it is a reality. He takes his obligations as a leader, composer, as well as singer-songwriter seriously, and he’s still a true role model and loving towards his other members.

Irene’s participation in Red Velvet is also one of the group’s most important positions. She is the group’s leader, with her all-around abilities and capabilities. Her excellent visual skills are also beneficial to the group.

Taeyong is currently the ideal leader of the entire K-pop NCT, leading 22 members (NCT) with the arrival of Shotaro and Sungchan.

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