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Beintehaa: All you need to know about this Television show

by Ratan Srivastava

Beintehaa is an Indian television sitcom that debuted on Colors TV on December 30, 2013. The main protagonists were Preetika Rao and Harshad Arora.

The plot of the show ‘Beintehaa’-

Endearing, vibrant Zain, as well as pretty, cultivated Aaliya have indeed been rival cousins since early life. They ultimately grow up and reunite, but a sequence of miscommunications leads to their marriage. Zain is desperate to get rid of his “Mammu Ki Bhanji,” or Aaliya, as he refers to her. He doesn’t believe in marriage as a social institution. Fahad’s brother has two wives, Nafisa and Shazia, who are estranged from one another.

Suraiya, Zain and Fahad’s mother, desired a grandchild, but Nafisa was unable to conceive after having two daughters. Fahad eventually married Shazia and the couple had a son. He is devoted to both of his wives. Zain Aaliya is continuously bickering, but “KitKit and MKB” eventually become friends. Zain has been hurt in a car accident. Rocky, a brothel owner who tries to mislead Aaliya’s sister Aayat, causes the accident, but Zain saves her and puts Rocky behind bars. This accident, on the other hand, pulls Zain and Aaliya closer together.

Suraiya uses emotional blackmail to get Aaliya to leave. Zain, on the other hand, takes her back. Fahad and his father, Usman, have devised a scheme to get Zain and Aaliya to fall back in love.

Suraiya despises Aaliya and her family since Aaliya’s estranged uncle, Mir Khan, abducted Barkat, her long-lost daughter. Barkat is ultimately found by Zain and Aaliya. Suraiya is overjoyed, and she begins to like Aaliya and her family again, which makes Shazia and Nafisa sad.

Zain and Aaliya eventually acknowledge their feelings for one another. Zain is envious of Aaliya and Zubair anytime he sees them together (they are cousins, actually). Rizwan, Nafisa’s brother, has fallen in love with Aayat as well. Zain inadvertently damages Aaliya’s feelings out of anguish, and she flees to her hometown of Bhopal, leaving a note for him to recognise his error.

After surviving a catastrophe, Zain arrives in Bhopal, where he and Aaliya finally declare their love for each other and return home joyfully.

Barkat’s conduct becomes suspect to Aaliya, and it is revealed that she is Mir’s biological daughter, seeking the Abdullahs’ family money and land. Barkat is forced out of the family when Zain and Aaliya reveal Beintehaa her, but before she leaves, she poisons Suraiya’s mind by telling her she is having an affair with Zubair. As a result, Suraiya begins to despise Aaliya once more.

She devises a scheme to divide Zain and Aaliya by causing them to misunderstand one other. Zain unwittingly comes to despise Aaliya as a result of a big misunderstanding caused by Nafisa.

Zain has decided to call it quits on his romance with Aaliya. She agrees, despite being startled and heartbroken, but is stung by Zain’s lack of faith in her. At Usman’s funeral, they divorce.

Rehan, a single father of two children and a family friend of the Abdullahs, assists Aaliya. He attempts to learn the truth about the arrest and discovers that it was Nafisa who was arrested. He devises a scheme to make her believe Usman is still alive, which frightens her and forces her to reveal herself in front of him.

Zain’s suspicion of Aaliya still hurts her, so she chooses to start over someplace else. Nafisa apologises for her wrongdoings and urges Aaliya not to divulge anything for the sake of her kids.

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