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What is the new release of Disney plus that is about a gay boy?

by Ratan Srivastava

I trust director Enrico Casarosa when he claims Luca was not intended to be a homosexual romance. The Disney film’s earliest promos, which featured two lads, one more worldly than the other, bonding over swims and bike rides inside the Italian countryside, prompted some predictable jokes about that being a juvenile Call Me by Your Name.

The fact that the current Pixar film has a name well with a filmmaker of that Oscar-winning homosexual romance, Luca Guadagnino, just added to the laughs. However, Casarosa has stated that the key connection in the film is strictly platonic. At such a press event, he added, “I was particularly interested to talk about such a friendship before girlfriends and boyfriends come in and complicate matters.” This coming-of-age narrative, he claims, takes place.

He claims the Call Me by Your Name-like parts were inspired by his own experiences growing up in Genoa with a boyhood pal. Nevertheless, the name Luca is undoubtedly a coincidence, as Luca is indeed a relatively popular Italian name.

Isn’t it always a little bit homosexual, though? It appears, or in the very least, open to interpretation, notwithstanding the surface parallels to Call Me By Your Name. Without a doubt, Luca is an allegory about identification, passing, as well as people’s dread of others that are different from them. The two lads’ actual identities are their secret natures as sea monsters in just this scenario.

They have a lot of times that might be mistaken for puppy love, like when they’re stargazing with their arms around each other, and their private time together is freeing for them. It’s also prohibited. When Luca’s mother learns about that now, she is perplexed and concerned for his safety. She wants to throw him even deeper into the abyss, away by both lands as well as Alberto’s influence.

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