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Who is the most popular female Marvel superhero?

by Ratan Srivastava

She-Hulk and Ms Marvel, two new leading females in the MCU’s pantheon of female superheroes, have just gotten their first glances at the MCU streaming series. It’s safe to say that superheroines are on the upswing at Marvel, with Black Widow, Captain Marvel, and Wanda Maximoff all gaining significant roles in recent years.

Simultaneously, DC is raising Mary Marvel (no related to their publishing competitor) to the level of Shazam!, giving her the star of a new series as she succeeds her brother Billy Batson. After decades of such mistaken belief that female superheroes are much less viable as main protagonists that their male colleagues, publishers as well as studios are focusing mostly on female superheroes than it has ever been, resulting in a greater range of characters as well as titles upon that shelf than ever before.

And who were the most famous and defining comic book heroines? Newsarama has compiled a list of the top 25 female superheroes of all time.

Black Widow has become a popular figure inside the Marvel Universe since the 1960s, but that’s only recently that she’ll be gained prominence, owing in large part to her position as a founding member of the cinematic Avengers.

However, the fact that her recent popularity has been largely owing to her film exploits does not negate her position in comic books. Though she began as a criminal, Black Widow quickly rose through the ranks of the Avengers, a career she has combined with her black operations work alongside SHIELD as well as on her own, even heading the team for a time.

This summer, Black Widow’s standalone big-screen prequel was published, and her ongoing comic book storey is still going strong.

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