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Short-Film Safar director Nikhil Prakash Dream flight journey

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If the passion to do something really prevails, then resources never come in the way, a person proves his ability in any situation, something similar is the story of film director Nikhil Prakash. Perseverance and effort today not only brought respect to his Hindi short film Safar on the world stage but dozens of awards Got it too.
Director Nikhil Prakash, who started his journey with the software business, fell in love with films from his school days. In 2003, he quit his job to form his own documentary film & production company, made hundreds of award-winning documentary films for different government, non-government organizations for the last 18 years. It is said that the hunger inside a person is never satisfied, especially if he is towards art. Nikhil turned to fiction after receiving praise in the documentary world, he produced and directed many short films, and now the Hindi short film “SAFAR” directed by him is getting a different recognition globally.


Safar is a sensitive story of a female novelist ‘Meera’ who gives up any hope in life due to her traumatic experiences as a child. Soon her next novel is also about to be published and during that time she meets a mysterious kind of woman. During the meetings and talks, both talk about life in many ways. Meera holds God responsible for every accident in her life, and that woman shows her the truth of life. Well, in the end, when both of them leave for their ‘journey’, something strange happens to both of them at one point.

It is worth mentioning that Nikhil’s short film ‘Safar’ has made its presence felt in many prestigious film festivals. These include info- French film festival, Golden Sparrow International Film Festival, ISAFF of Russia, Uruvatti International Film Festival, etc. The film was selected as a finalist for the Sweden Film Festival Award. Apart from this, the film was made as a nominee for the London Short Film Festival.

It is noteworthy that ‘Safar’ has also won many awards around the world. Safar was awarded the Special Jury Award for Best Short Film at the Istanbul Film Festival and won the Best Short Film from India at the GONA Film Festival. The film was awarded the Special Jury Award for Best Short Film on Women at the Golden Leaf International Film Festival. Apart from these, the film won the MOKKHO International Film Award. The film also won three awards for best director, best film, and best producer in Uruvatti international film festival and the Best Short Film Award at the Golden Sparrow International Film Festival.

It is to be known that Nikhil Prakash also provides education related to cinema technology to the youth appearing in films under the banner of the Great India Show. Nikhil under his banner “Great India Show” has been giving technical training in films to youth in his native Patna  Mumbai alike.

At present, Nikhil’s companies Digital Cinematics and Great India Show are producing wave films, short films, and documentary films for many big production houses in the country and abroad.
This short film has been produced under the banner of Nikhil Prakash Films. According to Nikhil, there are plans to produce more than half a dozen short films and 2 to 3 feature films in the near future. Pre-production work is going on for this, very soon all these films will come on the floor one by one.

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