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by Shankar Venkataraman

These are some of the top brand of suits everyone should know and be aware of – Burberry, Dolce & Gabanna, Gucci, Brioni, Givenchy, Prada, Valentino… This perhaps sums up the collection probably Harvey Spector (Gabriel Macht) wears in this exotic series about the trials and tribulations of a law firm. Apart from the dapper looks and dashing gazes, there is a swag, loads of attitude, some of the best clap worthy dialogues ever which makes Harvey a name to reckon with. The show hinges on his charisma and magnetism.

Mike Ross ( Patrick Adams ) probably does the Tom ford, Canali, Hugo Boss, Dunhill, Hackett, Brooks Brothers and is charming, intelligent and the prodigious powerhouse of talent. He gets picked by Harvey to work for the law firm despite not attending the law school ( spoiler ). The show is all about how these two solve the cases with their wit, charm and smart maneuver’s leaving us wanting for more. There is able support in the form of a dashing Rachel Zaine ( Megan Markle ) who lends the emotional and romance angle to the drama. A terrific Jessica Pearson ( Gina Torres ) who lends the poise, grandeur to the tale with a brilliant Loius Litt (Rick Hoffman )who lights up the proceedings with his innocence and ignorance. The prima dona Donna Paulsen ( Sarah Rafferty ) is a scream with her one liners and adds that oomph factor with Samantha Wheeler ( katherine Heigl) joining late to lend the balance to this thrill a minute drama that unfolds in hectic pace.

The complete cast instead of competing with each other tend to complement each other with some terrific acting and some crafty dialogues. The highs are more than the lows making the show popular with every season leading it to a finale Season 9 which sets the bar as high as the Mount Everest. The writers bring in every ammunition from their armory making every character stand out and relatable to the audience. Harvey lends them the style, Ross the wit, Jessica the grandeur, Rachel the emotions and Donna the traits. High on content and pacy screenplay, this show is must see for all lovers of good cinematic drama.

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