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Delhi Sikh Gurdwara has filed a complaint about Kangana Ranaut

by Ratan Srivastava
Kangana Ranaut

Manjinder Singh Sirsa, President of the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee, filed a formal complaint regarding Kangana Ranaut on Saturday, charging her of making insulting statements as well as demanding that her Padma Shri be revoked.

According to sources, Manjinder also claimed that Kangana Ranaut comment demonstrates a very cheap mentality, and also that claiming that perhaps the three farm regulations got abolished due to the obvious Khalist terrorists is indeed an insult to farmers. He described her as a “hate factory.”

He went on to explain that they just want the government to take strong action against her because of her vile Instagram posts. Furthermore, her security, as well as Padam Shri, must always be revoked promptly, as well as she should be committed to a mental institution or prison, according to Manjinder.

He said the complaint was filed for the arrogant, contemptuous, as well as disparaging Kangana Ranaut Instagram post and sent it off to Delhi police via Twitter.

Kangana Ranaut, who’s recently earned the Padma Shri Award, hailed former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, stating she initiated firm action towards ‘Khalistanis.’ The performer did not name Indira Gandhi on Instagram storey, however, she claimed she destroyed those who sought to divide the country.

“Khalistani terrorists may be putting pressure on the government right now…. But don’t forget about one woman…. The only female prime minister ne inn ko apni jooti ke neeche crush kiya thi Kangana Ranaut (the only woman PM who crushed them under her shoes).

“…… She squashed them like insects at the cost of her own life, no matter how much agony she gave this nation…. She said, “Lekin desh k tukde nahi hone diye…” “Aaj bhi uske naam se kampte hain yeh…. aaj bhi uske naam se kampte hain yeh…. “Inko vaisa he guru chahiye… (they still shudder at the mention of her name…they need such a guru),” she continued.

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