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Why do BTS have haters?

by Palak Goyal

 While becoming one of the most successful boy bands, BTS still has its detractors. When it comes to reason to hate the music band and it’s members, the haters don’t have a limit, and they came up with strange explanations as to why do people dislike it. Let’s take a better understanding of the reasons why people dislike BTS.

It is one of several bands that make up Korean pop music, also known as Kpop. BTS was a band that played a significant role in the Korean pop renaissance. It has had global recognition and popularity virtually since the beginning level. Even though practically everyone who listens to them likes them, many BTS detractors find a reason to hate them or came up with various purposes to hate the group or solutions to the question of why do people dislike BTS. The band, often known as Bangtan Boys, is just a boys-only k-pop band with seven members.

The name Bangtansonyeondan

It is one of the first reasons given by BTS detractors as to why they despise the group. They claimed that it was not a name that would gain their success, and also that the group would most likely disband due to their moniker. The name translates literally to “Bulletproof scouts who shield kids from discrimination and pressure,” which is something the haters thought was humorous or out of place inside the Korean pop world with titles like EXO and other fashionable names. Despite these erroneous assertions, this Kpop group is now recognized as BTS and it is the most popular Korean pop boys band of all time.


Why do BTS have haters?

Because not everyone has reasons for strongly dislike BTS, they switch to reasons for destroying the admirers, blaming unwitting fans who love it too much. Many people feel that perhaps that the Army isn’t always pleasant, however, this isn’t always accurate since the majority of them decided to be nice. Though we are humans who, as Alexander Pope puts it, “to be human is to err,” and also being translates to forgiving. As a result, the fans should not be used as an excuse to despise the group.

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