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Who is most loved in BTS?

by Palak Goyal

Jimin seems to have been number one in an individual’s specific brand image for the past six months, according to Gallup. Why does Kim Taehyung aka V BTS’s most popular member?

How can anyone not fall out of love with Taehyung, often known as V? According to the data, BTS Jungkook has been the most popular K-pop star in South Korea for the past three years. The extremely popular members of BTS are listed below.

Even though the most famous BTS member have fluctuated over time, Jimin is popular all over the world. Among his colleagues, RM Jin, Jimin Suga Jungkook, and J-hope, the tall superstar has almost always stood out.

BTS V won popular vote Japanese rating site Nehan over eight weeks or longer early this year. Most people believe they are underappreciated, but I believe they are the most well-liked of the group. For said past three years, BTS Jungkook and BLACKPINK Jennie have been the most popular K-Pop singers in South Korea.

J-Hope Jimin, Jin Jungkook, RM Suga, and Taehyung aka V are all unique individuals who contribute to the band’s success. You won’t be disappointed with any of the members of BTS. BTS has by far the most fans right now, in my opinion.

The ARMY Gallup is an analytical and customer preferences agency that ranks celebrities based on their popularity and commercial viability.


Because all ARMYs are well aware, there is always one person to whom you are drawn first most. Jungkook of BTS is South Korea’s most popular Kpop idol. Jungkook, BTS’s lead vocalist, is well-liked by both domestic and foreign fans for his good looks and incredible talent. BTS and One Direction do have more Twitter followers.

With all of his titles, it’s no surprise that BTS Jungkook has been voted the most popular Kpop star in South Korea again for the past 3 years. Jungkook is pretty high on the list than Suga because I believe the Maknae line is much more popular than that of the Hyung line, though I do not believe Suga was much less popular than Jungkook. For the past three years, BTS Jungkook has been the most popular K-Pop idol in South Korea.

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